If you have been the gaming fan or the die hard fans of classic cult games, then you must be aware of Nintendo 64. Nintendo 64 was altogether of next level which used cartridges and featured some legendary games such as Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, 007 Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Fable, and Pokemon Stadium. Moreover, Super Mario 64 sold more than 11 million copies, only talking about Nintendo 64 one.

Though it was discontinued with the likes of more gaming consoles like PlayStation series and Xbox series, still it has an sparkling aura of its own- high and bright like sun. If you want to relive that generation again, you can play Nintendo 64 games on your Android device now.

Believe me, it will give you the same feel and taste.

There are many reasons using an emulator is the most greatest action for people who want to play Nintendo 64 games.

  • You don’t have to spend money on the N64 console.
  • You can carry the phone or tablet around with you for trips and whenever else you play video games.
  • You can moreover just download ROMs instead of paying money for a bunch of games.

Just use the N64 emulators with your Android device, and you can play those classics on your Android devices. So, if you are confused which N64 emulator to use to play the games, we have created a list of best N64 emulators for you.

So, here’s a quick listing and overview of best N64 emulators for your Android device.



ClassicBoy is one of the best N64 emulators for Android and surely a better multi-system emulators. This N64 emulator supports advance platforms like the NES, SNK NeoGeo, most Game Boy systems up through Advance, Playstation, and Nintendo 64. Though each platform has its own array of new and crazy features and work fine on all of them, still it works great and strong.

This one of the best N64 emulator include features like save/load states, gesture controls, sensor support, and more. Overall, this N64 emulator works perfectly fine and is upto the notch for Android gamers.

Games are mostly stable and compatible, though some of them just won’t work whatever you do. The paid and premium version will offer you some upgrades even though the free version should be enough for the users.


ClassicBoy is available on Google Play Store for $3.99 bucks. Though it might hurt you because of the price, you can also try it for free of cost. So, you can check it before you buy it and take the decision.

Download: ClassicBoy from Google Play Store



If it comes to fame and popularity, there is rarely any Nintendo 64 emulator which can beat the popularity of MegaN64. This one of the best N64 emulators uses the Mupen64 open-source emulator. Further, MegaN64’s developer team has added tweaks to it. Not only this, the developer team has bring some major improvements and other things. Overall, the MegaN64 emulator gives you a crazy and fairly decent experience.

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Though there are some compatibility issues and stability issues, it won’t disturb you much and you will surely give it a thumbs up. However, it feels like they’re less common with this one than most other ones. This emulator for Android phones hasn’t given any update in couple of years and fans think that developer team has abandoned this.

Whenever it comes to MegaN64 emulator, you will feel it is the most used emulator for Android and for a good reason. You ‘ll have to get yourself some game ROMs and place them on your SD card. Just, place your games on the SD card within seconds to start playing.

Best thing about this one of the best N64 emulators is that it is free of cost and will charge you nothing with only some little bit of advertising. Overall, it is a thumbs up for most of the people and you should give it a try if you are looking for some free N64 emulators.

Download: MegaN64 from Google Play Store


Tendo64 is one of the best N64 emulators which is combination of all small and big features which bring a whole new level of experience.

Tendo64 include features like Cheats, Customizable button layout, Physical controller capabilities, Vibration, Multiplayer capabilities, OUYA support, Fast emulation, clear library, Xperia Play support, more then 20 languages, new GUI design, filetype: zip, n64, z64, v64 and other stuff.

Download: Tendo64 from Google Play Store



Another free and one of the best N64 emulators- Mupen64 will definitely give you a great experience. Mupen64 is a free and an open source N64 emulator. Mupen64 emulator features decent compatibility with the basic emulator features and more.

Mupen64 is such a important emulator for some other emulators. And, many other best N64 emulators use this emulator as a base. And, now you can guess what kind of experience this emulator will give you. Bad thing is that the emulator doesn’t get its update on mobile anymore.

The Mupen64 emulator is available on Google Play store. Moreover, you can find many Nintendo 64 emulators that use this one’s code. The Mupen64 emulator is free of cost and $0.99 version is an optional donation to support development. Undoubtedly, one of the best N64 emulators!

Download: Mupen64 from Google Play Store

Mupen64Plus FZ

Mupen64Plus FZ

Mupen64Plus is one of the finest and surely one of the best N64 emulators available out there. Though it has come in the market recently and is newer, it is not easy to use. This might be your complain but still the complicated UI will give you very much to offer.

The game brings tons of files, video profiles, and other stuff. Important thing that some games work with some profile setups while others don’t. No need of worries, most games work on this one.

However, the emulator needs some playing around to set it up which might be complicated. But, for helping purpose, the developer team has linked a good linked up guide in Google Play description of this one of the best N64 emulators.

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Moreover, this Nintendo 64 emulator has various plugins, the same usual emulator features and more stuff. Unlike above ones, this emulator gets regular updates which you will love. And, that’s why we recommend you this one of the best N64 emulators.

Download: Mupen64Plus FZ from Google Play Store


RetroArch is one of the best N64 emulators out there. The emulator actually supports a ton of different systems. Players download different cores that work as system emulators. Coming to the difficulty level, it is very difficult to use. But once you get used to the this Nintendo 64 emulator, you will love it.

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The features include auto-scan for save files, save and load states, remap controls, load cheat codes, and a lot more. Moreover, it is open source and available for free of cost. And, there are over 80 different things this one of the best N64 emulators can do. It’s really amazing and when it start going, you will like it. Though it will take a while to get everything working, still it is one of the best N64 emulators.

Download: RetroArch from Google Play Store

Pretendo N64 Emulator

Pretendo is a nice Nintendo 64 emulator for both Android phones and tablets. Though it is not running great on many devices, still it is one of the best N64 emulators. People have seriously no problems with this emulator, it has worked literally very fine with the Android phones. But, it has some serious problems and it got crashed on the Sony device i.e Sony Xperia Z1. So, this emulator is not for Sony users surely.

Though it is a hardware issue but lot of users are unaware of this and curse this emulator. So, don’t go by the Google Play Store ratings- you will find them low just because of this issue only. Moreover, you’ll find the same host of options available on this one as the above two apps on the list. And, a thumbs down for frequent update will surely let you down but you won’t need updates- it works perfectly fine.

You can also change the video quality to resolution and from changing the on-screen buttons to the whole layout, you’ll be able to customize just about anything in this emulator. So, it is surely going to give you a great experience and with white user interface, it looks amazing.

Download: Pretendo N64 Emulator from Google Play Store

M64 Emulator

m64 emulator

This M64 emulator is not the one you might be dreaming of- the perfect one. But, it is surely one of the best N64 emulators out there in the market. This emulator has put together a nice following and is compatible with various Android devices and formats. Also, you can use cheat codes to get easier access which is really nice.

The M64 Emulator features include ROMS anywhere on your phone, punch in whatever cheats you can find online, works with Xperia Play controls and more stuff. And, the most notable feature is you can save and load where you are in the game.

This is one of the best N64 emulators that you can download from Google Play Store. The M64 Emulator is available for free. So, if you are looking for a good N64 emulator which is free of cost too, the M64 Emulator is a shot to fire.

Download: M64 Emulator from Google Play Store

Emulator for N64

Emulator of N64 deserves a spot on the list of the best N64 emulators. Though it is kind of irritating due to ad pop ups time to time, still you will find it decent in terms of performance. It is as good and ebb flowing as Classic Boy or MegaN64.

The Emulator for N64 smartly knows how to use ROMs in compressed files, multiplayer gameplay and cheat codes to make workings easy on the emulator.

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Coming to stability and compatibility, it is a decent performer. Neither does it under perform nor goes over the board in terms of performance. Though sometimes you will encounter issues with compatibility sometimes, but normally it works like butter on a knife. Overall, it will depend on the games or Android device you are playing or using.

Download: Emulator for N64 from Google Play Store


SuperN64 is another one of the best N64 emulators and has changed the life of N64 gamers by bringing it in Android devices. The N64 emulator is easy to use and convenient for the users so that they can have the full experience of the SuperN64.

Save state and external controls although are not very common features these days, but this N64 emulator bring it all in its package. Moreover, the graphics will depend upon the Android phone or tablet you are using or operating.

Download: SuperN64 from Google Play Store

So, here we come to an end to the list of our selected best N64 emulators you can use on your Android device. Have fun playing around with Wario and Mario in Super Smash, or start swinging your sword around with Zelda. Whatever your game, there is a way to play it on your Android device.

In case we have missed any of your favorite Nintendo 64 emulators, tell us in comments section below.

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