Best Launcher App helps to android phone

People always try to make a change in their life by adding something new. They can also change their Android mobile outlook by applying a new best Android Launcher App to it. 

Sometimes people think that Android Launchers app affect their Android Device in any way rather than that now the best Android Launchers app have modified a lot and always brings some new features for the users.

People always find it harder to get a perfect and ultimate Android Launcher App for their device, so we bring you a list of Best Android Launcher Apps to make it easy to get an accurate one for you with their specifications.

List of Best Android Launcher Apps:

Rootless Launcher:

Rootless Launcher is somehow a next level launcher for Android Device as it customizes the user’s device into Google Pixels theme with some attractive and interesting features. 

A User can download this application for absolutely free from Google Play Store. 

This best Android Launcher app gives many unique gestures to open different apps and settings, gives different profile icons for apps, and can even activate Dark mode. Rootless Launcher has 4.3 ratings on Google Play Store which makes it more trustworthy.

Niagara Launcher:

Niagara Launcher is an absolutely free and new application which is now getting famous for its chaotic list and minimalistic look appearing on the home screen which gives shortcuts to operate your device. 

This application is free to download on Google Play Store and also have some paid features in it.

This Free Android Launcher app allows the users to open any application by only one tap with the help of a scroll bar. It also gives some app shortcuts, enhanced notifications and Hide apps features for its users. 

Poco Launcher 2.0:

Poco Launcher 2.0 is a fast and lightweight launcher app for Android devices used by millions of users and is developed by the developers of famous Poco Phone.

 It is available on Google Play Store for free with 4.6 ratings that makes it reliable. It has some extreme features like to resize the Home screen and application icons and App drawer feature to make it easy to find apps easily. 

App lock feature provides you the convenience of hiding your apps and can lock the home screen by gesture of double tapping. 

This is one of the best choice for those who are beginners at applying Launcher Applications for android

Total Launcher:

Total Launcher is the finest and most reliable customizable launcher for Android devices with great and light performance which proves that to run Launcher in any Android device is not a difficult task. 

It is available for Android devices in Google Play Store with a rating of 4.4.

It offers a wide variety of themes, animations, gestures and text fonts for its users. This Free Android Launcher gives special features of running multiple windows at a time, blur window background and making a pop-up.

One can customize his/her Android device only by holding the home screen which makes it much easier than other launchers.

As you know everyone needs a best android launcher app for their device so fill your phone with all these new technologies.

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