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Game Boy is one of the most famous names in video game consoles in a line of portable video game systems with replaceable cartridges produced by Nintendo. The product of Game Boy has maintained the position of the leading player since its first launch in 1989. A number of models have now been considered as a retro collectible. Using the best GBA games Strategies like The Pros has become key in the world of gaming.

Guide to the Different Types of GBA games

  • The Game Boy is well-known as Game Boy Classic or GB.
  • Game Boy Pocket is well-known as GBP.
  • Game Boy Color is well-known as GBC
  • Game Boy Advance is well-known as the GBA.
  • Game Boy Advance SP is well-known as GBA SP.
  • Game Boy Micro is well-known as GB Micro.

Game Boy Advance is well-known as GBA.

Doing it again with the popular Game Boy Advance game, 12 years after Nintendo set the gaming famous all over with the GB Classic and put the graphical abilities of console systems in a handheld. The games are significantly better than the Super Nintendo Playstation and are compatible with the GBC. The highest power of this model allows many standard console titles, as most of them have been carried to this system, to discover a new life on the GBA.

Game Boy Advance SP (Also Known as GBA SP)

Nintendo published GBA SP in reaction to users ‘ complaining about lack of the original GBA screen has the same functions as the GBA, but it can collapse to safeguard the screen if not in use. The screen is backlit, which allows you to play in any circumstance of lighting. While less convenient than the GBA, this is the most popular GBA game of the current generation.

Game Boy Micro (Also Known as GB Micro)

Smaller and more sophisticated handsets are today most played GBA games than ever, and so Nintendo is only to supply Game Boy Micro with this demand. The smallest cartouche-based gaming system that has ever been made is the Micro. This unit plays every GBA game but is not reverse compatible, unlike its predecessors.

Fall In Love with the best GBA GAMES played

The Advanced GBA Game brings the iconic 32-bit handheld platform from Nintendo. Its huge library and a superb selection of Super Nintendo masterpieces make it. The top GBA games have consolidated the historical position of the console.

The system family of all lists of GBA games has special importance in many hearts, from the initial 2001 installment to the clamshell and backlit Game Boy Advance SP to the particularly small Game Boy Micro.

Let’s start counting the best GBA games ever played in the spirit of excitement, all of which still break up good times.

  • It has the great game play notions, great graphics GBA game, and top background GBA music.
  • A colorful demonstration that captures the colorful charm and converts it is the best 2D GBA game top-down.
  • Infinite glamour, stunning surrounding, expert puzzles GBA game and even more intelligent mechanical puzzle designs.
  • The Minish Cap tells the story of Vaati, Four Swords main villain and leading figure.Image result for the legend of zelda the minish cap
  • The Golden Sun is a tribute to some of the finest graphics GBA game on the system, a fabulous quest, and traditional RPG gameplay.
  • The game features more scrub than 16-bit sharp graphing — through the amazing polygonal results, its killings and spells are given an additional layer of gloss. It is most played GBA game.
  • The developer tricked some really sweet graphics out of the GBA to enhance the game’s sleek gameplay.

Image result for golden sun

  • Aria of Sorrow does a simplistic attempt to distinguish itself from every previous Castlevania. It is all time favorite GBA game.
  • Aria could be labeled as the second to just one other game in the Castlevania series – the masterpiece, “Symphony of the Night” – with all its unique characteristic and quantities of artifacts and souls.

Image result for castlevania aria of sorrow

  • In the classic Metroid Fusion mixes an enticing entire story and severe platform action and exploration. It is the best GBA games with character creation.
  • With its bright and courageous graphics and action-oriented style, the Super Metroid vibes were very strong.Image result for metroid fusion
  1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  • This adventure-packed war is a funny set of characters, from Mario to links to Pikachu that appeared on Nintendo platforms to Solid Snake.
  • This famous GBA game series runs on Wi-Fi, enabling up to four players to brawl, wherever they may be.
  • Players can choose characters for multiplayer games mode, set rules and places to play, and duke it out. This is known for best GBA games ever.
  • The characters in solo mode play through a long sidewalk, beating opponents while they watch short films with their favorite characters.
  1. F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
  • The F-Zero X featured 30 on-screen polygonal racers and brought both multi-player GBA and combat maneuvers, and probably improved its high tech driver with its complexity, beautiful view, and automobile development.
  • The 20 + tracks expertly increase the challenge by slowly implementing help and risks in a nearly tutorial way that lets you comfortably get along with boosting strips and slow-down patches, just by turning one onto another. It is the best GBA games to emulate.

Image result for f zero

  1. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2
  • You should definitely have to look up out this game if you’re concerned in the genre of skateboarding, sport or just want an excellent game. Most people need many new combat mechanics, enhanced animations, new techniques, and new multiplayer modes GBA game to be busy for a while.
  • On the levels you have accessed through career mode you can play the different modes but there won’t be aims or anything else. It is best multiplayer GBA game to emulate.
  • You can use the multiplayer modes Score Challenge and Combo Mambo to play with other players.


Best Game Boy Advance Games Of all time

  1. WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames
  • It is basically a compilation of “microgames,” simple games which should be played quickly and unbelievably briefly in quick succession. It is best GBA games by genre.
  • Centers on the simple idea of microgames: two-second tasks quickly completed in a relatively long boss fight. This is known as top advanced GBA game.
  • Microgames are categorized into steps in single-player mode and the aim is to complete a number of these difficulties to move on to the next stage.
  1. Mario Kart: Super Circuit
  • Super Circuit is the same as the GBA Super Mario Kart: run three to five tours via flat-circuit races, receive coins and articles and do anything you can to get the gold trophy in the first place.It is the best GBA games Mario kart list.
  • The individual player has three modes: Grand Prix, Time Target and Fast Run.
  • Some series installations are known to be too balanced in terms of AI, the gameplay here is predominately fair, and at the end of a perfect run, it’s common for a low blow to steal first place.

Image result for mario kart

  1. Pok©mon Ruby And Sapphire
  • It’s the games is third generation GBA games list pokemon. They largely carried the familiar formula, as with most new Pokemon titles, but your epic journey through Hoenn came with several all-new machines.
  • These included the twin-fighting feature (now the official competition standard), skills and natures. It is known for the best GBA games pokemon.
  • Pok©mon Ruby and Sapphire have presented elements that are totally lost without and are so much-loved to the competitive Pokemon scene today.Image result for pokemon ruby

Best GBA racing video game

  1. Need for Speed: Most Wanted
  • Exploit the open world in need of the fastest, avoid cops and take advantage of your rivals. It is most preferred GBA game.
  • The aim of the player is to climb to a blacklist of the drivers most wanted. You can again start exploring a huge virtual city and take on various challenges. This is best racing GBA game.
  • In the game we have complex auto customization in terms of both performance and performance, apart from the elements typical of the range, such as licensed cars and diverse soundtracks.
  1. Rock N Roll Racing
  • You pick up your car, driver and arms and then hit it in gear by rap and engines screaming. This is the best GBA games top 10.
  • Standard devices on all models are radical guns.
  • You can select your mood Alien or human.
  • They provide 6 different planet race tracks
  • A screen saver feature automatically protects burn-in.
  1. Konami Krazy Racers
  • Collect bells to activate useful items, such as rockets, a shield, and even pigs! Search for alternate routes and unlock secret courses and characters while you rival the fastest insane rider in the path. It is also the best GBA games for pc.
  • Coins taken throughout the competition may be used for the upgrades and the acquisition of weapons in the articles shop between races.
  • You really fond of kart racers and you should try Krazy Racers. It is best GBA games to download.
  1. Racing Gears Advance
  • The graphics and course layout are awesome; a great selection of real incensed vehicles, handling of tracks, hidden shorts, tons of improvements that you can make to personalize your vehicle for every battle and it’s a great challenge. It is available as cheap GBA games.
  • It was also the first Orbital Media game that’s just as awesome.
  1. GT Advance Series
  • The course has been landscaped and the automobiles are all city models, but car managing is slippery rather than first GT Advance which means that the effective race strategies now include long drives and fishtail slides.
  • In total, the Game consists of 97 cars. It is known for its GBA games hd graphics.
  • Install options include motor, muffler, suspension, slip differential, air filter, seats, CPU and weight reduction-each affecting a differing degree of total handling, speed and acceleration.

The best GBA games to play on an Android phone

The Game Boy Advance is among the most successful mobile game consoles of all time, with Android Smartphone taking up so much of the industry that Android owners would almost inevitably be interested to play their favorite GBA Smartphone on their phones.

Android handsets have also significantly increased in strength over the years, while the earliest Android devices didn’t have the power to emulate reliably; today’s handsets can even emulate GameCube consoles.

Now the maturity of the Android platform means that there are a handful of good Android GBA game emulators to use. Today we will deal with each one of them.

  1. John GBA
  • The device has developed in hacks, different rendering choices and the Dropbox support is particularly useful, allowing you to sync the backup and specification information in the cloud, and then continue playback on a different Android device. It is listed as GBA games top played in android.
  • The standard layout is great, you can also change it and there is also help for Bluetooth controller. It is best GBA games for android.
  1. My Boy
  • This is a popular GBA gameemulator and perhaps the leading GBA game emulator in the Android Play Store.
  • The most popular, and with great efficiency, exactness and emulation features it gained its popularity. The application’s Premium version removes ads but is not exclusively necessary to achieve a great experience. This is best GBA game for android.
  1. emu
  • This GBA game emulator for Android is unbelievably robust, rich in features. Its free version, linked above, is the same as its premium version.
  • This is one of the best Android GBA game emulators open source that regularly updates.

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