Best Clash Royale decks which can win tournaments for you

There have been many clashes but nothing like Clash Royale. It all started way back with Clash of Clans- a strategic game and then a sub-branch Clash Royale came. And, the kingdom is only expanding like Sahara Desert.

Clash Royale is one such a strategical mobile game which puts players in the pits where they have to face highlighting two or four players (1v1 or 2v2). With the only goal to destroy the opponents village and if the “Lord’s Tower” smells the dirt first- a quick win in a glance.

Three minutes of time is given and if both the players or group of players tie the round- it ends upto extra minutes of play. Then, the player with the highest damage seal the game and win the match.

Even if after the additional time, a draw or a tie happens. Then? In late 2018 itself, discarding the partner in a 2v2 match on different occasions made the player have a square that anticipates him/her from playing 2v2 with irregular players for a specific measure of time.

In the game of Clash royale, players are judged or kept in leagues according to the number of trophies they have gained. Players level up by picking up Experience (or King Level) focuses through giving and overhauling cards. The most elevated conceivable dimension is level 13.

Trophies are won or lost through multiplayer fights, a player wins a fight by destroying a larger number of towers than the rival (each wrecked pinnacle being spoken to as a ‘crown’). Also, by ruining the adversary’s King’s Tower, bringing about a “three-crown” win(except if the King’s Tower was crushed in the meantime by the two players, bringing about a draw).

There are twelve playing fields altogether (barring the instructional exercise field, Training Camp): Goblin Stadium, Bone Pit, Barbarian Bowl, P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse, Spell Valley, Builder’s Workshop, Royal Arena, Frozen Peak, Jungle Arena, Hog Mountain, Electro Valley, and Legendary Arena, with every field relating to a specific trophy tally go. A player achieves leagues subsequent to achieving 4000 Trophies.

As the meta is only expanding, it is damn difficult to monitor the best Clash Royale decks. Though it is extremely difficult, still with the dispatch of Clash Royale League we can check the strategic play of various winners and learn. Just like that, we have listed the five of the best Clash Royale decks which can take you further to seal the games easy-peezy.

Not only what to take in the attack, we will also talk about how to use the decks to win competitions all by yourself. We will talk about both aggressive and defensive approach you can take in the attack- so just stay with us for a while.

Best Clash Royale decks to seal the game

Graveyard Control

Clash Royale deck

Tombstone, Ice Wizard, Tornado, Valkyrie
Poison, Graveyard, Cannon Cart, Mega Minion

In this rundown of best Clash Royale decks, the major idea comes from Team Solo Mid’s VULKan. The man itself used to seal the game with a snappy win against CLG Skillzzzzz and secure a group win for TSM.

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Coming to the deck, the deck isn’t extremely powerful as to say. But, it takes pretty much to overtoss the game. Tombstone makes an incredible and shabby guarded structure, ready to moderate pushes until the point that more grounded troops like the Mega Minion and Valkyrie whittle them down.

This one of the best Clash Royale decks is the mix of spells which comes with: Poison and Tornado. Poison has unarguably a decent decision to slow down the swarm of troops and over that set Tornado around it- there are now a few left to endure the pain. The Ice Wizard gives much more control by sprinkling and abating assailants while they’re joined together.

Yet, protection alone doesn’t win matches, which is the place the Graveyard and Cannon Cart cards come in. While them two can be utilized protectively, whenever played nearby a enemy troops that simply ceased an fireback. Though their hitpoint is haulted, they can be destroying.

This deck is for the patient Clash Royale player, so remember that before you begin spamming troops at the extension. If you are some kind of noob or impatient fighter, you might not hit the point. So, just be patient and see how your troops perform against the opponents. Eventually, let them smell dirt.

Mortar/Miner Deck

AA VULKan Mortar Miner Clash Royale deck

Spear Goblins, Miner, Goblin Gang, Mortar
Fireball, Bats, Log, Rascals

Miners are quintessential troops to bring to the tournament round if you are looking to vanish the opponents village secretively. Miners exactly do the same- they don’t need to break the walls. Just mine under the walls, attack the defensive line and moreover, save the work load of other troops.

Better believe it, no doubt, another Mortar/Miner deck. Check out and find how the Mortar/Miner deck that TSM Vulkan used to bring down TRB Oxalate.

This one of the best Clash Royale decks is arranged in such a way to take down the adversary towers while guarding yourself too with ease cards. The ease shows that you can recycle immediately and ensure that you have a key card when you need it

Not at all like FNC LemonTea’s idea, this deck arms you with two spells: Log and Fireball. In mix with a dangerous Mortar situation, you can much thinking about it earn enough time to destroy the enemy before coming to the actual health.

A large crowd of enemies, building and even the Three Musketeers are no problem if you have your Fireball all set to jump in play. Not make sure, you don’t get caught without it for too long by cycling through your deck intelligently.

Though it can be tempting to defend Mortar again and again when it’s near the river side, just try to restraint. Here and there it’s smarter to surrender it, center around protection, and apply pressure in the other path with a convenient Miner counter-attack.

Night Witch/Golem

Adrian Night Witch Golem Clash Royale deck

Zap, Night Witch, Mega Minion, Ice Spirit

Elixir Pump, Golem, Lumberjack, Clone

Golem and Witch are the deadly combinations to win any attack. On one hand, where Golem has high hitpoints and every defensive entity tries to take on Golem first. The another hand, Witch plays its deadly role and tries to attack while the defense has no idea.

The Night Witch/Golem beatdown deck may be just the same old thing now. However, Complexity Gaming’s Adrian took it to another level with the one of a kind idea he used with the Clone spell.

In the same way as other slower-paced best Clash Royale decks, the major idea is to pick up Elixir advantage with Elixir Pumps. These must be done just before taking on the opponents with higher troops. However, in his match against Immortal’s Royal, Adrian was compelled to get innovative in the wake of dropping a tower from the get-go in the match.

In the event that the Clone spell winds up being a flop, fall back on the Elixir Collector to manufacture leeway.
And, it is exactly the place where clone spells comes handy. Just combine it with spooky Night Witch/Golem push supported by a Lumberjack kamikaze. After this, you will see the deadly things happenings in opponents pit. And that’s just what Adrian tried to do to tie up the tower count in the last seconds of the match.  Not only this, in Adrian’s case the push took up the strong Royal King Tower immediately afterward.

Surely one of the best Clash Royale decks!!

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Clearly, cloned troops just endure one hit, and a solitary zap can put a less than ideal end to your system. Ensure you snare out your adversary’s spells previously hauling out your Clone spell.

Just like Adrian, if you find struggling to overcome the start off early pressure. Just try to stik by the plan with cam and composure. And as soon as you find any air or room in defense, fall back on the Elixir Pump to pick up a solution advantage before going for the slaughter.


Clash Royale deck

Ice Golem, Log, Poison, Hunter
Hog Rider, Valkyrie, Cannon Cart, Inferno Dragon

Hogs have always been my personal favorite whether it is Clash of Clans or Clash Royale. They jump over any wall, go through the defense nad clear the way out for other troops. Same is the case with this Hog- Cart pair.

Dignitas iAmJP pulled out a hybrid Hog Rider and Cannon Cart deck to sweep out SK Loey when it mattered. With a good blend of both defensive and offensive cards and lower Elixir cost, it is surelya nd undoubtedly one of the best Clash Royale decks,

Coming to the deck. it is a perfect balance of adaptibility power. However, it needs utter cautious when performed. As one false move can turn the tables for you and win the game for enemy side.

A hog rider in front of a cannon cart can take down any tower easily if not dealt with quickly.

Though defending is easy enough, even without a dedicated structure. There’s a lot of AoE harm from the two troops and spells. So, no compelling reason to stress over swarms of foes demolishing your day. Tanky units don’t stand quite a bit of a possibility either, with loads of high harm cards accessible to topple them before they get to your towers.

When the moment comes, counter attack by sending out your Hog Rider in front of a Cannon Cart to deal huge damage in just a few seconds. In addition, you can send the two down various paths and power your adversary to pick which one to shield.


Clash Royale deck

Zap, Bats, Spear Goblins, Goblin Gang
Miner, Mortar, Cannon Cart, Rascals

Again Mortar and Miner deck, but this time the style is way different. As this deck brings Zap with itself to pulverize high HP structures that can give your rival leverage after some time, similar to the Elixir Collector.

This Mortar/Miner deck comes from the FNC LemonTea’s deck from the Clash Royale League Europe which is extremely powerful. The basic idea is to overpower the rival with the continuous pressure from minimal cards.

Forcing the two sides of the waterway is a key component of any Mortar/Miner deck.

The deck’s lower cards when provide support to the bridge spam. On the other hand, the Cannon and Big Brother Rascal endure weaker spells, and keep the tension building. Whenever played well, you will gradually wear down towers while your rival battles to guard.

The Zap which comes to the rescue for this deck is Zap with is high power to wear down high hitpoints tower. This can give your rival leverage after some time just like the Elixir Collector. The enemies can also overwhelm you if opponent tries to snare out your Zap.

As should be obvious, the deck’s greatest shortcoming is defense. On the off chance that you wind up on edge, you end with limited options. You’ll need to ace the position of the decks scratch cards, the Mortar and the Miner. All of this happens with the end goal to survive the attack. Cycle adequately and ensure you have what it takes to come back to the hostile.

So, next time just keep in mind to wreck the enemy village with your best Clash Royale decks havoc. Tell us in comments about your views on this list of best Clash Royale decks. Do you have any other decks in mind to seal the tournament rounds? Hit the comment section below and tell us your views.

If you haven’t downloaded this crazy strategic game, download it lightning fast. It is available both at Google Play Store(Android users) and Apple App Store(iOS users).

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