The five best casino games for Android

If you’re one of those who loves to go to the casino but you’ve broken a leg and the tux doesn’t hit you with the cast, you’re in luck, because here we’re going to show you a list of the top ten casino game apps for Android. This way you can play your favorite casino games without leaving your home at new online casinos like In this list we are going to show you apps like GSN Casino, Live Casino, Slot Machine, Best Casino Slots, Live Holdem Poker Pro, Zynga Poker, Blackjack 21, Bingo Heaven, live Farkle and Roullete Royale.

1) Slots

Slots is the name given to slot machines. The game says that it is free, but in reality you only have 350 initial credits. As soon as they run out you have to buy more credits, and that costs money. But well, if you want to play slot machines… their own name makes it clear, doesn’t it? You’ll have to bet your money.

2) Live Holdem Poker Pro

Well, from here we started talking about things a little more serious, and is that online poker games are booming at all, getting a popularity like never before thanks to mobile applications. Live Holdem Poker Pro is a platform to play live online poker with other players from all over the world. You have an online chat to communicate with other players, personalized avatars and different game modes for you to choose the ones you feel most comfortable with. Although they give you 12,000 free credits, they will be of little use to you. Here you can play for real money.

3) Blackjack 21

We changed the card game. If you are not assiduous to the casinos, we will say to you that the Blackjack is most similar in the Anglo-Saxon culture to our Seven and a half. The difference is that in this game you must get to add 21 with your cards. Face the dealer and the other players at the table in Blackjack 21 to get the money off the table. As in all these casino games, once you run out of the welcome credits, you will have to pay to keep playing.

4) Roullete Royale

In a good casino you can not miss the roulette table, and that’s why here we show you the application for Android Roullete Royale. See how the online bets are on the table – the truth is that graphically it is quite well achieved -, make your own bet and watch the roulette wheel spin. If you’re lucky you might be the winner of the night. As it happens in casino roulette, the more difficult the bet is, the bigger the prize is.

5) Farkle live

Farkle live is the casino craps table game… Watch out for snake eyes! The double one is always on the prowl. You have to get five or ten thousand points depending on the game, facing another opponent in the online multiplayer mode. The good thing about this application is that, before dropping the money, you have a training mode to check how your skill is and if you are lucky or not with the dice that day.

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How to optimize our cell phone?

Before giving you hope for your cell phone, let’s start with the minimum requirements it must have.

  • OPERATING SYSTEM: iOS 8.0 or higher & Android 4.0.3 or higher
  • STORAGE: 600MB

If your cell phone meets the above minimum specifications we can continue. If you don’t know where to consult the specifications of your cell phone, go to configuration and click on the option “about the phone” (this may vary).

Without further ado, here are the golden tips to optimize your cell phone:

Cache memory: If your phone is low in memory, it’s best to clear the application cache from time to time. Online games do not require data to be stored on the phone, as it is stored on the server. Therefore, you can delete them and improve application performance.

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To clear the application cache, enter the phone’s Administrator, option “Clear Storage”, “Clear All”.

Close all other applications: If you are reading this article it is because you know that your cell phone occasionally gets “thinking”. Just as we would do with a person, let’s take the weight of Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, among others, off your shoulders while we play or bet online. The phone will run better and you’ll avoid unexpected shutdowns.

No more junk applications: We know, you want to have everything on your cell phone. Give up those apps you don’t use anymore; Snapchat, TikTok, and leave room on your phone for those that are a must, like your favorite mobile casino or video game.

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