Best Backend Programming Languages for Android App Development

When starting another Application development project, the programming language or framework issue is as yet present. It is a constant dilemma of several development languages as well as platforms available in the market. Be that as it may, to choose the best backend language for applications, you have to follow the total article. More importantly, these days mobile app development India is using powerful backend programming languages to develop scalable apps. 

Multiple programming languages and frameworks are examined here, where you can choose your most suitable one. At whatever point we choose a language, it’s hard to choose one that is 100% right and according to your requirements. 

Best Backend Language for Android App Development for your Business

The most popular languages for backend development today are the following three advancements: 


Node.js development is based on a JavaScript engine. This innovation was presented at the annual JSConf in 2009, and it before long became known as “the most exciting single software package in the advanced JavaScript climate”. 

According to Google Trends, rivalry in this innovation increased in 2017 and keeps on being solid. Its continuous popularity is because of its qualities like scalability, fast conveyance, no extra weight, and easy to manage libraries. 


Python is rapidly gaining popularity among developers as well as in understudies. The main reason behind its huge achievement in its 28 years is its multiple frameworks and libraries that make the development amazingly easy. Its high velocity and reliability assist the designer with generating significant achievements. 


PHP is an old innovation in the development world. Be that as it may, this feature adds to its value. Because individuals like things that have some legacy. Another thing that makes it very popular with developers is its CMS, WordPress. in this era; we have limitless applications inherent to WordPress. WordPress gives versatility and scalability to your application. 

Javascript Backend for Android App

The JavaScript programming language is straightforward for development, encouraging software developers to abandon more complicated and tedious alternatives. It means that your application would not become outdated in a couple of years or that different programmers will easily decipher your code. 

This indicates that JavaScript is an essential programming language to have in the designer tool compartment. It is possible that you practice in the frontend, backend, or full-stack development. 

For the backend development of Android apps, developers utilize a type of JavaScript known as Node.js. This framework, among several different aspects, enables a designer to manage data changes from the frontend and create hearty organization frameworks capable of handling multiple simultaneous client demands. 

Android App with Node.js Backend

Because of its profoundly lightweight and high versatility, Node.js has increased in popularity considerably as of late. Node.js has a broad library of JavaScript modules to make programming easier. Because of its open-source architecture, Node.js has filled in popularity for web and portable app creation. According to the advanced patterns, the usage of Node.JS is widespread among developers. Around 39,566 websites in the US are utilizing Node.js for Android development.

Android App with PHP Backend

At the point when it relates to using the PHP programming language backend for Android apps, it is a fantastic programming language. It necessitates Android login as well as authentication, which are extremely normal and necessary circumstances. it is recommendable to utilize PHP: 

  • Gather structure data 
  • Create dynamic web material 
  • Transfer treats 
  • Create command-line prearranging 
  • Create worker side prearranging 

More importantly, PHP is the best for backed development for any android app development, consult with the leading PHP development company India for better android apps.

Android App with a Laravel Backend

Although Laravel is by a long shot, the most popular PHP framework, tossed in just in case when we take a gander at the vast variety. Moreover, it implements that adaptable functionality into the applications. Modular packaging solutions are also utilized. You may also construct new courses of the same name as a current course. This is because Laravel can generate one-of-a-kind URLs for it. 

Python Backend for Android App

Python is continuously turning into a more popular programming language. Developers are also fostering an Android app with a python backend. It is an exceptionally secure programming language with many inherent libraries, so certain functions don’t need to be programmed, and you can simply embed the code from the storehouse, and you’re done. Besides, Python programming is gadget-free, meaning it can run on any gadget. In this way, on the off chance that you would prefer not to compose codes, Python is the smarter decision. 

Java Backend for Android App

Java allows for multi-threading of backend infrastructure. Its key advantages are adaptability and security. Utilizing Java for the backend allows for cross-platform use. 


We have mentioned a few backend languages for Android development. Moreover, each programming language has its own pros as well as cons. It’s an intricate challenge to choose the one and most ideal language for your application. The best way to select the best backend language is to consider all your requirements and for it. 

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