Best apps to hide photos and videos

Are you in search of the best Apps to Hide Photos and videos for Android? Are you scared for your personal files to get into the wrong hands? Well don’t hesitate. You are in the correct place and we are here to give you the best solutions for your problems. 

In our day to day life, we all take photos and videos which we do not want to show or disclose them to anybody. We all have specific documents, photos and videos in our phone that we want to keep private from others. All these packed up personal photos and videos in our phone needs some security because we never know when it is going to be in the wrong hands or what intentions our friends have. You can also visit for latest tech updates at Stuffroots

So, we have assembled the top 6 best Apps to hide photos and videos on Android. Let’s check them out!

Calculator App – FishingNet : 

This is a very distinctive app because it’s external appearance is just like a Calculator, but it internally consists of all your personal data including apps, documents, photos and videos. In this app, you need to set a 4-8 digit numeric pin and then press the “=” key to access its secret place for hiding your personal data.  

It also has a feature of taking intruder selfies of those people, who try to access  the hidden files without your conscience and later you can check out who tried to access your files. Another great and awstuck feature of this app is that you can just shake your phone while in a hurry and hide the files. One of the best apps to hide photos and videos that I personally recommend.

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Gallery Vault App – GalleryVault Developer Team : 

This app provides us with a faster encryption process to hide our data in a very less time. It also has a very soothing interface which helps us to view all our hidden files just at one view. It has innumerable features like fingerprint authentication, intruder selfies, stealth mode, hiding my files in SD card and a lot more.

The most eye-catching feature in it is that it has a private browsing feature in itself and also an in-built Video Editor. This helps you to do anything with your hidden files without unhiding them.  

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Vault : 

This app is very famous with more than 1 million downloads on PlayStore. It has all the necessary and cool features that you need to hide all types of your personal data and maintain your privacy. It can not only hide photos and videos but can also hide your private messages, contacts, call logs and even your private applications. 

This app provides great features like disappearing a particular application’s icon from the home screen, making multiple vault accounts and also break-in alerts. You can also use this app for backing up all your phone’s data. This app also provides in-built incognito browsing feature which does not save any browsing history. 

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Hide Something :

With more than 10 million downloads on PlayStore, this app has mind-blowing features in it. With this app you can protect your files and hide them by PIN, password and fingerprint sensor. It has beautiful themes in itself, supports a variety of file types, advanced image viewer and also a cake login more for protecting our privacy without any risk.

 It also provides a very beneficial feature that is, it does not show itself in the ‘recents’ of the phone. Also, it saves our hidden files in the drive so that we can access them through any other devices at any part of the world just by logging in to our account. 

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Keep Safe Photo Vault App :

This unique app has more than 50 million downloads worldwide. It is still a very popular app to hide our personal details in a very safe and secure place. Very often the developer team provides updates to the app which provides an easy-to-use and great interface to this app. 

Through this app you can also share your private data to any KeepSafe user without unhiding them. This app also provides a free cloud feature with the help of which we can save our hidden files in the cloud and access it from any corners of the world. This app also has those advanced features like fake login, intruder selfies and break-in-alerts. This is really one of the best apps to hide photos and videos in Android with beautiful, cool themes and tonnes of in-built features.

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Photovault :

This app provides us with AES-256 bit encryption which makes this app a very safe and secure one to protect our privacy on Android. It has an in-built cloud storage feature by which if we want, we can backup our hidden data in the cloud which helps us to access it just by logging in our account. 

With this app we can use any type of password that we like including PIN, passwords and fingerprint locks. 

It also has a video player and image viewer in itself and also this app supports a long list of file formats. We can also access the private camera present in the app itself. And capturing through that Camera, makes the image automatically hidden inside this Photovault app. With all these unique features, I think that this app is one of the best apps to hide photos and videos on Android. 

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Lastly, I would like to conclude that though there are innumerable apps in PlayStore, but, since I have downloaded and experienced many apps, so comparing all of them, I think that these top 6 apps will really be beneficial for you with the best, cool and unique features in them. I think that I am able to help you by providing all the detailed information of the top 6 apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android.


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