Best antivirus for Mobile: Safeguard from viruses, phishing scams and dodgy apps

Oh, yeah! Several range of top antivirus for phones have already been developed and it is only a matter of time that they are available. I recommend using any best antivirus for mobiles available in the market. Ensure you are using the latest Antivirus application for mobile.

Nowadays everyone prefers to connect internet on your mobile phone to use different apps or for surfing, this tends mobile are more susceptible to cyber attacks.

best antivirus for mobile

Previously, viruses and malware were linked with only computers, desktops, laptops or notebooks. However, presently, with excessive use of Smartphone especially Android phones, these malware are able to also infect your mobile or android phones. Thus it would be right to claim that Android devices also get infected by a virus or malware.

To prevent malicious threats on your Android phone, it is recommended to download and use the best antivirus app for the phone that offers total protection against ransomware, Trojans, Spyware and more.


How mobile get the effect by a virus?

Infected applications are major threats to Android smartphones. Infected applications can steal or completely disable information from mobile phones. At present, only a few infected applications are known to target operating systems. We can prevent this by using antivirus application for mobile.

You must always try to keep your own mobile or tablet with the latest antivirus software for phone. Make sure to back up your data to minimize the effects of something that is wrong (photos, music etc.).


Best mobile antivirus: How to decide the best phone security app

Do you require any best antivirus for the Smartphone or Apple iPhones require antivirus? Are free mobile antivirus is good or are it worth paying extra for your phone security app? Find out in our in – depth guide everything you need to know.

Apple iOS and Google Android both have improved their security over the years, but you can also download a paid or free phone antivirus app to increase your protection. Read on to find out more.

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We’re looking ahead to mobile software applications for security. In order to keep your phone or tablet free of malware and other stupid applications, best safety apps help you avoid scams, keep your private data confidential and allow you to find or wipe a lost device.

Should you install antivirus for android mobile phone?

On millions of iOS and Smartphone, globally the Google Android OS is being used. While Android is much more regulated than the world of Windows PC where users accidentally pick up spyware or viruses from a lot of sources and enable malware to pop on Android devices. This all can only be prevented by using only popular Smartphone antiviruses


How can mobile store prevent?

Anti virus available on google play store and apple, which will help you build your phone secure. This new security feature claims to deter malware and phishing scams and try to scan fake apps from your device. You may also track a device which is lost. However, most Android phones have Google Play Protection enabled

There are many best antivirus for android Google play that defend is better than Android in built protection that struggle to detect the malware and many other threats. They helps to deal with hazards, as well as with all security software; but you need more security. Therefore use best free antivirus app in Playstore of google.

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Are you curious to know about antivirus software for Apple iOS?

Apple iOS phones are normally less malware-reliant than their counterparts in Android phones.

Although it’s never 100 % secure, iPads or iPhones are usually less vulnerable because of Apple’s integrated security procedures and the fact that iOS is’ locked down’ in comparison with Android.

Apple iOS is regarded to be completely safe and very rare instances of malware. Moreover, all iOS applications come through the Apple App Store, in which privacy is pre-checked.

There are, however, still essential to install the latest iOS anti-viruses app. It will help keep yourself alert against other threats, such as spoofing and fake websites trying to steal your information.

Best brand of mobile antivirus

If you are confused about best antivirus for mobile devices or want to know antivirus for android phone reviews.

Most of the brands offer free antivirus APK for phone package and few are best paid antivirus for phone, with prices variation. The quality of packages can vary immensely, but at least with a free app you can give it a try and, if it is any good, you haven’t lost anything when you get rid of it.

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  1. Free Antivirus: There are many free Antivirus software for phones are available. This includes Avira Antivirus Security 2018, Bitdefender Antivirus Free, Norton Security and Antivirus, Sophos Mobile Security and Webroot Security Free.
  2. Less popular brands: Few less known but best mobile anti-virus brands include Webroot, Lookout and 360 Security.
  3. Antivirus for phone and PC: Every single the big brands you will know from PC antivirus software also recommend mobile security software services, including Avast, McAfee, Norton, Kaspersky, Trend Micro, and Bitdefender.


Should you pay for the best Smartphone security software?

After reviewing the market, I noticed many applications have been awarded Best Buy mobile antivirus award for both free and paid apps. This concludes it is not necessitated for paying to get effective and extra protection for your mobile device.


Free application for mobile, existing from companies like Avast, AVG, BitDefender, Lookout and McAfee, for obvious reasons, they’re popular today. This free app does all the basics intelligently. If you are concern about malware, a free app is the obvious option.

Free downloads of best antivirus APK from PlayStore won’t have the same protection features as their paid version. In addition, some free apps provide full access for limited time, and after a trial period is over, only the basic tools and features are available.

It is worth investing in a paid security app if you have a costly Android device. Paying for top antiviruses for phones often have useful functions, such as online cloud backup, and the abilities to remotely clear a reported stolen device and viruses safety and anti-spam tools.


Features: Antivirus for Android Mobile Phone

If you use best paid antiviruses for Android phone, you can provide access to a full range of additional Pro features while free Android antiviruses software usually offer only very basic functions. Each package varies, but certain typical functionalities are available.

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  • Anti-phishing: Install antivirus for smartphone to sniff off links and prevent access of hazardous websites.
  • App lock: Antivirus for android phone reviews to enable to edit certain applications and settings with a password.
  • Backup: Preserve personal data by protecting it online with ‘ cloud ‘ storage by antivirus for rooted phone
  • Call/SMS blocking: Filters and blocks undesired texts and calls with warning.
  • Parental controls: Antivirus for android phone necessary to prevents you from accessing certain content types.
  • Remote photo: Assists in the identification of unauthorized phone if a login is incorrectly entered several times.
  • Uninstall protection: Prevents by enable to delete the app by a code is best antivirus for small business.
  • Safe browsing mode: You check websites on the Internet.
  • SIM lock: Stops others by lock it down immediately when your SIM card is eliminated.
  • Privacy adviser: Scans and checks any apps is require in best antivirus for home laptop India
  • Remote location: Uses GPS to show your phone location.
  • Remote lock: Locks down your device remotely.
  • Remote wipe: Preserves your privacy by enabling to wipe all data.
  • Safe browsing mode: Checks web pages in real time this feature is available in best antivirus for android without ads.
  • SIM lock: Stops others from using your phone by locking it down
  • Tune up: Optimizes battery and data storage.
  • Uninstall protection: Prevents thieves from bypassing the mobile security.


Confused, which Antivirus is best for your phone?

Antivirus for windows phone are designed for windows OS. Install antivirus for mobile to recognize malicious or potentially surplus applications that could be consequence for

  • Data theft,
  • Data loss, and
  • Excessive network usage costs.

A remote control lock or wipe protects your private information from the robbery of your device if it is lost or stolen.

The developers have developed multi-certification passwords for additional online account security for a number of sites such as Google, Amazon and Facebook. The Secure QR Code Scanner checks target URLs for threats and manipulative content, allowing the scanner to scan risk-free QR codes.

  • Mac OS antivirus software for Apple phone. Although Mac OS antiviruses for Apple phone exist, they are less prevalent than Windows Viruses, so macOS antivirus products are less standardized than Windows ones. A number of free and paid application can be installed to protect against all of the potential antivirus threats by means of full-system malware scans, and to screen through certain email threads, attachments, and various Web activities.Image result for mac antivirus free
  • Android antivirus application for Smartphone: Android is the most powerful mobile OS in the world. Most Android targets mobile malware experts advise all users of Android devices to install antivirus for Smartphone. Internet providers offer a range of Android and premium basic versions of Android phone antivirus software, which include remote and anti – theft features. Some of them run automatic scans and actively try to prevent the opening or install of malicious web pages and files.

Best antivirus for Android: Safeguard from viruses, phishing scams and dodgy apps


At present moment you might be questioning that, Is your smartphone is safe from the malware?

In the past year, many viruses applications have been able to disrupt the Google Play store, which can steal SMS and call logs, screenshots and audio files or provide the worldcybercriminal data, and they face malware attacks to Android users.

Therefore, developers develop many popular Smartphone antivirus applications to identify malicious behavior and shutting down the default apps and processes involved. Also, these apps go beyond stopping malware, with features designed to help you if your phone is missing or stolen. Smartphone antivirus APK features to protect you when you are browsing and tools that can protect specific apps from being opened without a PIN code. Although some of the additional features of the Mobile phone antivirus in Playstore are available only with a paid subscription, you can get excellent base-level protection for free. You can get top free antivirus on google play store.


The best free and paid-for antivirus software for Mac and PC


What is the best option to reduce the risk?

Malware or viruses are used for attacks that replicate banking sites and try to get your personal information and your passwords. The security app can check the URL and spot if it leads anywhere fishy, or indeed, phishy. The entire best antivirus for android in the world will prevent you from following.

  • If a simple game asks you to make telephone calls and your e-mails ID, it will be able to decode your security and, it’s a red flag.
  • You should keep track of what permissions your installed application requests.
  • Some applications, such as mobile security software & Antivirus, will automatically check your phone permissions and warn you about apps that could cause havoc.
  • In order to check the software on your phone, many security Android apps now also offer malicious websites protection.
  • Virus caring apps may try and trick you into downloading malware. 

Best antivirus for mobiles

Suggestion, like there are no hackers looking to breach Apple devices is simply outdated.

Unfortunately many iPhone and android phone users get negligent about defending their devices, this make easy to target for hackers. iOS devices be capable to attack with viruses, malware, spyware, phishing scams, and other malicious system breaches that deal with your sensitive data. The quickest solution is to install any Ios antivirus software or any popular smartphone antiviruses until you decide on a more robust solution.

  1. Total AV Free Antivirus

Total AV is a great option if you are looking for total iOS smartphone antivirus app. Although the mobile version isn’t so malware – oriented, it always works and is effective. In addition, it is freely available, although you must create an account to use it. It is ranked as top antivirus in ITunes.

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Free version offers

Quick scan, safe site browser extension for Chrome and Edge, system boost tools.

Paid version offers

Option to quarantine threats, real-time protection, ransom ware protection, Smartphone optimizer, password vault, remote firewall, 30-day money back guarantee, finds and removes any duplicated files; scans are fast, no impact on performance.


The app can be slow and unresponsive at times, no quarantine option for the free version, and you have to pay for advanced features.

Total AV is a great iOS antivirus app offer protection as it offers the freest features of any other free mobile antivirus software do provide. Plus, its ease of use makes it excellent for beginners.

  1. Panda Security Free Antivirus

Panda Security is one of the highest rated antivirus programs in the App Store. This is the the free mobile antivirus for iOS has a handy location tracker, if you are looking for more advanced features, you may want to consider paying to upgrade.

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Luckily, all paid antivirus of Panda offer you a free 30-day trial  great if you want to try before you buy.


Free version offers

Limited VPN, real-time scanner, location tracker, process Monitor, Panda Security have anti-theft features mobile security to track and lock a device remotely, SD card scan, and low impact on performance, attractive user interface and ability to control your phone remotely

Paid version offers

Password manager, cleanup tool, premium unlimited VPN, advanced ransom ware protection, Parental control tools, 30-day money back guarantee


Majority of the useful features are locked behind a pay wall, VPN limited to 150 MB bandwidth per day, some false promises.


Panda Security mobile antivirus has limited features and is a barebones free antivirus for iOS. If you are looking to more advanced features or a VPN with bandwidth you can actually use, you may want to pay for one of the premium services. Panda antivirus is the top rated antivirus in playstore.


  1. BitDefender Mobile Security Free

BitDefender Mobile Security provides a feature-rich experience for android users that it is completely free to use. It does contain ads, but you can pay to remove them if you wish. It is ranked 3rd best antivirus for phone.

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Free version offers

VPN, iPad support, anonymous web surfing, feature of anti-theft antivirus for smartphone features, Email breach protection, easy to install, low impact on performance, No constant pop-ups and notifications, remote locking and blocking in case of theft, remote scans and optimization.

Paid version offers

Password manager, safe files, parental control tools, files encryption, device optimizer, secure online shopping


BitDefender App uses your location even when its not running, decreases battery life, the Ideal use case.


BitDefender is the best antivirus for mobiles, it is best at a lot of things. With so many features, it a great catch-all option for mobile users looking for comprehensive protection. BitDefender is ranked 3rd most used antivirus for phone.


  1. ZoneAlarm Mobile Security Free

ZoneAlarm Mobile Security is an all in one solution for your smart phone antivirus needs with several unique features for protecting your smart phone device, including identity theft protection. ZoneAlarm antivirus is best free antivirus for Smartphone users. It is recommended as the best antivirus for business.

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The application is free to use for seven days, but after that you have to upgrade to Premium for a monthly fee.


Free version offers

Robust anti-theft features, safe Wi-Fi browsing, protection from hostile takeovers, ZoneAlarm mobile antivirus blocks Ransomware attacks

Paid version offers

Notifications and alerts about malware it finds, scans the network and operating system, continuous background scanning, 7-day money back guarantee


Some false positives, advertisements, The Ideal Use Case


ZoneAlarm is known for best antivirus small size. While installing it requires few app permissions. It helps for safe Wi-Fi connections anywhere in the world. ZoneAlarm provide App alerts feature. It has ability to lock certain aspects of the phone, such as camera and messages. It is the best antivirus for office use.

If you are worried about identity theft on your smart phone devices, ZoneAlarm is the antivirus built for you, assuming you are willing to shell out the extra money for Premium Plus. Otherwise, regular Premium is more than enough to keep you up-to-date on recent data breaches and virus reports for smart phone.


  1. MobiShield

MobiShield contains quite a few extra features that no other antivirus app includes, especially in the system resource monitoring department. While other apps can do that for you, MobiShield gives you the chance to bundle it into your antivirus. MobiShield is completely free anti virus. It is best security app for parenting. It is known for its increasing user as best anti virus MAC.

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Backup and contact restore Battery charge and memory usage monitoring, mobile data usage tracking, file encryption, Wi-Fi scanning to pick over out risky networks


Somewhat cluttered user interface, gives a lot of technical information that can be hard for the average user to understand, the Ideal Use Case.


MobiShield is the all in one antivirus software for mobile. The many system resource monitors are convenient to have in one app, file encryption is something I rarely see in iOS antivirus software

MobiShield is the best antivirus software for iPhone user with some technical knowledge of smartphones. As mentioned, if you are interested in monitoring your iPhone memory, data usage, and battery charge, MobiShield works well. Its file encryption is another selling point rarely found elsewhere. It is top AppStore anti virus for MAC.


The Conclusion

When you keep carrying your phone all over and use it for all kinds of delicate activities, including internet shopping and financial services, there is a growing danger that Android viruses and hacking.

Fortunately, a free mobile antivirus is available to secure from any threats. However, you always get what you pay for as well as some free anti – virus software for smartphone way better suitable than others, as with most things in life.

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