Top 15 Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch and Download (2021)

Movies and shows do entertain us a lot. Anime Streaming Sites which are a different kind of entertainment are becoming more popular day by day.

What is Anime?

Anime means Japanese vigorous makings that include hand made or some computer produced or digitally created characters. It fascinates plots, fabulous scenes, imaginative characters, and more.
Thus, in order to watch these Anime Streaming Sites movies, there are plentiful anime streaming websites available. But as we know most of the series are only available online. Thus, we have brought here the best anime streaming sites which you can choose according to your need and choice.

1. Crunchyroll- Best Anime Streaming Site

Crunchyroll anime site is among one of the best places to watch anime. It delivers the latest popular anime online. As well as it also features opportunities for its fans where they can converse their favorites and manga for individuals to read. On Crunchyroll anime site there exits hundreds of other anime and even some of the Korean Drams are available both in HD as well as in ordinary quality.



  • A huge assortment of up-to-date Animes which are easy to stream are available
  • Pages are Clean with no flooded quantity of advertisements


  • Some of the categories or types of Animes are missing from the site.

You can go and watch anime on Crunchyroll

2- Anime Planet-Best Anime Streaming Site

Anime Planet can be categorized as the best anime streaming site from somewhere you can discover out all sorts of anime movies that are based on various exploration or quest norms. If you are fond of new anime then Anime-Planet is the one for you. It also has a recurrent page that updates all the newest anime which are at present airing or being shown up in Japan. It also has a “My Watching” segment which is based on the particular individuals viewing habits. Apart from this, there is a special segment that is devoted to rating anime characters. here, you can as well share your judgment based on the anime characters.

Anime Planet


  • Some of the Pleasant beholding design with strong navigations
  • It has a segment that demonstrates some of the utmost popular anime characters


  • All videos of the site are compered on the third-party locations which include sites or places as Hulu, so it takes a while to load them

You can go and watch anime on Anime Planet

3. KissAnime- Best Anime Streaming Site

KissAnime is the best anime websites to watch anime online without any money involved or unrestricted. It provides numerous calm animes in thumbnail opinions and has a dark color theme. Here, users can choose their favorite anime category. In case you are fond of new anime then this is the best place to watch anime option available for you. All the videos are well organized based on the category. Though, it has no option to modify the resolution on the replay opening. It is the best free anime streaming site that does not need any compulsory registration.



  • It Consists of the planned statement of the anime episodes
  • It allows users to transfer or copy down the anime videos


  • The Advertisements in the site do arise up when the videos are streamed off
  • It becomes little troublesome to locate a specific anime event on the site

You can go and watch anime on KissAnime

4. Animefreak- Best Anime Streaming Site

Animefreak can be categorized as the best free anime streaming site wherever you can realize afresh unconfined animes, as well as some of the newest episodes of animes. Moreover, you can navigate on the anime website efficiently due to its alphabetical inclined characteristic. Though, the only limitation with this anime freak website arises that a lot of advertisements keep bursting around.

Anime Streaming Sites



  • There is a Blog appearance position with some of the daily updates of some popular anime and the manga
  • It has a particular chat segment for this website’s community


  • This website is not proved up as a friendly practice for its beginner users
  • There also exists multiple or many tiny tags for the users which they can choose from

You can go and watch anime on Animefreak

5. Best Anime Streaming Site is basically an innovative anime running the website and is under the US certified anime movies. It is well planned and completely unrestricted of advertisements or no ads pop up while surfing the site which helps in providing a smooth and enjoyable experience to its users. All the Anime shows are precisely prearranged. Here, you can even search the whole database by the utmost common and latest anime on the website.


  • It upholds some news about the latest and innovative and future anime series to come up
  • Some of the different kind of topics are seen in the types of the forum in this site


  • The Streaming of this website is mostly not braced by all the countries

You can go and watch anime on

6. Chia-Anime- Best Free Anime Streaming Site

Chia-Anime is the best free anime websites in Japan. all of the Anime Sequences are accessible on this website. It also delivers outstanding video superiority with offering us English Subtitles, there is no buffering, the video also loads up sooner or quicker as compared to other sites, there are no infuriating ads while looking. This website also does not hoard up the content on their server, thus giving all the access to the videos to the people. As here the users surfing is uploading the videos and other websites also connected to the company.

Anime Streaming Sites
Chia-Anime- Best Free Anime Streaming Site



  • This website does a timely update of all the anime events
  • It also holds up anime soundtracks list on the website


  • There are Lots of ads which keep popping up on the mobile version of the site

You can go and watch anime on Chia-Anime

7. 9anime- Top Ranking Anime Site

9anime is among the top ranking anime series in Japan which includes Boruto, One Piece series, the Dragon Ball, and more of some others which are featured on 9anime. It comprises a section which shows the plan of the proclamation of the forthcoming anime episodes. Moreover, it allows the handlers to demand an anime that they want to augment on the prevailing list of the series they have. For quicker access to the site, all anime series and the episodes are categorized based on their particular genres.



  • You can demand a particular anime series you want on this site
  • It offers English substituted and labeled up for the anime series and movies


  • In case you click any link, then this website will redirect you to a different site

You can go and watch anime on 9anime

8. AnimeHeaven- Best Streaming Site for Anime

AnimeHeaven is also among the best anime streaming websites due to its organized library where you can use it to search for anime easily. On its main page, some of the most-watched anime, with its latest episodes are available. the number of episodes of the anime is also available. It also has a view of similar options available for the videos. Some additional features include; a chatbox for its users where you can interact with other anime fans.



  • The arbitrary segment available on the website do lets you see diverse kinds of anime
  • All the newest anime of the season is updated from time to time on the site


  • Though, the design of the website is quite Outmoded

You can go and watch anime on AnimeHeaven

9. Gogo Anime- Best Site for Streaming Anime

Gogo Anime shows you the updated episode of the latest anime of the season. Thus, it is the best anime site to watch anime for free. It offers high-quality anime videos and movies are available where you no more need the help of subtitles as you can now watch anime series in English. It has a section where you can see evergreen anime movies in high-quality. In case you are a die-hard fan of anime then Gogo Anime is the must-try best anime streaming site.

Gogo Anime


  • With this site, You can select a diverse video source
  • 1080p quality Videos are supported on the site


  • Some Ads starts to appear when you do play up an anime video

You can go and visit the website to watch anime on anime Gogo

10. AniWatcher – Best Streaming Anime Site

Some of the English languages dubbed anime series are showcased on AniWatcher. it offers a section that contains Anime Manga, where the users can read the latest story of the shows and the stream of trending and award-winning cartoons are also available which include Gravity Falls, American Dad!, and many more.



  • You can perceive manga-turned-anime series
  • This website does provide the facility to read magna


  • There exist too many ads on the interface of the site

You can go and watch anime on AniWatcher

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11. AnimeDao- Best Free Anime Streaming Site

AnimeDao is one of the best anime streaming platforms available. It has a different section where all the on-going and trending anime series are showing up on the website. Here, you will not miss an episode or update as well as the most-watched anime today will also be featured on the site. all anime is arranged alphabetically. The videos in HD quality are available which invariably depends on the internet connection of the user. As, it is the best anime sites to watch anime for free, so the ads keep on popping up.

Anime Streaming Sites



  • Provides latest and on-going episodes
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • It may redirect you to an ad

You can go and visit the website to watch anime on  AnimeDao

12. Hulu- Free Anime Streaming Site

Hulu has received a number of good anime sites comments due to its wide range of selection of anime films or series. It features videos of high-quality as well as videos that are not yet available in all parts of the world. It has access to the US, UK, Europe and some parts of Asia. Though, this website has a limit for downloading.



  • It has a wide range of selection of anime films or series.
  • There is no need to use VPN services.


  • It has a limit for downloading the contents.

You can go and watch anime on Hulu

13. Funimation- Best Streaming Anime Site

Funimation is among one of the most significant collections of anime. It can also be categorized as the largest anime streaming Website of North America. Here, you need to purchase a premium for a dubbed version but you can surely watch subbed version of the anime videos. A VPN may also be needed as videos cannot be accessed in some parts of the world.



  • It is a smart well-run business providing the best anime sites that feature legal anime.


  • You may need a VPN.
  • You need to purchase a premium for the dubbed version

You can go and watch anime on Funimation

14. Kuroani- Best Anime Streaming Site

Kuroani is one of the best options available for watching anime. Though it is not a very common site it is one of the best options available for running anime shows that are available online for FREE. It has a very modest design that is calm and quick to be followed up or understand by every user. That’s why it is also known as a User-friendly anime website. It is a nonrevenue association. Therefore, it is included among the list of the best free anime streaming websites having no ads.

 Anime Streaming Sites



  • It has a very modest layout as well as a User-friendly User Interface.


  • It is not a very popular anime site or a widespread site among the users.

You can go and watch Kuroani

15. Anime Frenzy- Top Anime Streaming Site

It has some great features for its users. As it is among a huge assortment of anime series. It provides the modern Anime Streaming Sites series with daily updates of videos. Though all the data is well planned but it also has a “Random Button” which lets you suggest to watch any series randomly.

Anime Frenzy


  • It shows up some of the latest anime series with daily updates of the shows.

You can go and watch Anime Frenzy


The above-mentioned sites are some of the best sites to stream anime online. The above sites also include some of the best legal top anime streaming sites as well as the best illegal anime streaming sites.


Some of the websites where you can watch anime online website for free are:

  • KissAnime
  • Chia-Anime
  • GoGoanime

Some of the best available anime websites are:

  • Crunchyroll
  • Funimation
  • 9anime
  • GoGoanime
  • AnimeFreak

You can watch anime movies on the best anime websites available which include:

  • animeheaven

Nearly, the best-paid anime streaming sites are as:

  • Crunchyroll streaming site ( allowing up a PAID version of $6.95 per month)
  • Funimation streaming site ( allowing up a PAID version: $5.99 per month)
  • Netflix streaming site ( allowing up a PAID version of $7.99 per month)
  • Hulu streaming site ( allowing up a PAID version of $5.99 per month)
  • Hidive streaming site ( allowing up a PAID version of $4.99 per month)
  • VRV streaming site ( allowing up a PAID version of $9.99 per month)
  • Amazon Prime Video streaming site ( allowing up a PAID version of $119 per year) заём

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