Beginner’s Guide To Success Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way to promote vendors’ products and earn a commission. It is one of the best ways to make money online in 2021. 

I know there are few things that you need to consider, but once you decided on this business model, you can get some great insight after reading this post. 

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For the sake of this post, I’m giving you a bird’ eye view of starting your journey as an affiliate marketer. 

Successful affiliates go about this process two different ways. The first way requires creating a website around a topic that interests you, such as one of your hobbies. You then pick affiliate programs that match or complement that topic well. 

The second way involves searching for a few good affiliate programs, all related to one another, and then creating a website around them. You can gain success with affiliate programs either way. Just remember that your website should focus on a specific niche topic, making it much more comfortable to promote when the time comes.

  • Get Web Hosting

Most people that earn a living from affiliate programs will tell you to register a domain name and pay for web hosting. I DON’T AGREE with this! First, suppose I tell you that you must spend money to be successful with affiliate programs. 

In that case, you may worry about losing money (even though domain names and web hosting are very inexpensive these days) and never give promoting affiliate programs a chance. 

Second, when architects design a new building, they don’t just go out and build it; they create a prototype first. This allows them to test their design before spending a lot of money, which is exactly what I suggest you do if you feel nervous about spending any money to start. 

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There are few free web hosts out there, but I don’t recommend you to choose them. While free website hosting provides an accessible way to start promoting affiliate programs, I will admit that you will likely be at a disadvantage compared to your competitors with paid hosting. 

Once you begin to make per month or so, I highly recommend registering a domain name and getting website hosting. Another option would be to register a domain name and redirect the domain name to a free website hosting account using a URL redirection service. This allows you to save money on hosting but still have your domain name.


  • Design Your Website


Once you select your host, it’s time to start the design progress. Many of the free website hosting services offer website builders, making the process a bit easier. 

If you preferred to pay for website hosting, you might want to use a WordPress program, making the design process more accessible by eliminating the need to know HTML and CSS code. 

When you design your website, integrate the affiliate links in your content. The more content on your site, the more likely visitors will find your site through different keywords and return to it in the future.

  • Join Affiliate Programs

Use to find affiliate programs to promote on your website. These are the backbone of your money-making efforts, so take some time picking programs that compliment your site’s topic well and will be of interest to your site’s visitors. 

I recommend that you choose several programs to try out and then stick with the top-performing ones.

  • Promote Your Website

Now that your site is ready to go, it’s time to do some promoting. Take a bit of time and submit your site to all of the major search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. 

Search engines can refer a large amount of free traffic to websites. Another easy promotion would be to exchange links with other sites that compliment your site’s topic. This will not only bring in traffic from other sites, but it may also help your rankings in the search engines. 

Final Verdict:

In short, Affiliate Marketing is a great way to build success online and earn a good income. People are making 5 to 7 figure income per month using this method. Even they are selling their assets 30 to 40 times of their monthly income on Flippa and Empire Flippers. 

But you first need to learn and then implement it. There are numerous platforms out there. I’m a big fan of Legendary Marketer.

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