Apple App Store Alternatives for 2021

The Google play store and Apple App store have been popular all over the world for their huge collection of various free and paid apps that include games, entertainment, and educational apps, and many more. The third-party apps store is really profitable and has numerous lucrative deals. They do have a wonderful revenue share model while some of them also pay for downloads.


There is no doubt that Google Play Store and Apple App store are the worldwide leaders in this field, however, there are a lot many other alternatives that are beneficial to users. Some of the advantages and benefits are summarized below to use these alternatives:

  1. Alternative app stores promote the app through many schemes such as displaying the app of the day or paying the app owners with advertising discounts. 
  2. These stores normally do not charge app listing fee, which is substantial in other stores
  3. The app stores also provide coveted spots in the preferred apps list
  4. When the comparison is done, these app stores are not only advantageous but also profitable to owners that create local apps and focus on specific areas, region, or countries
  5. There are several potential benefits and opportunities with the alternative app store than Apple App Store.

Best Alternatives to Apple App store

It is always believed by the users that the Apple App Store is the only way for all the iOS App downloads. However, this myth is broken and there are a number of options not even imagined by the app owners. These app stores charge minimal listing fees. Also, the focus of such stores is more on advertising the apps and promoting them among the users. Some of such alternatives are listed below:

  • GetJar

It is an independent App store created by Ilja Laurs in the year 2004. This app store is created for app developers by app developers. This is a platform for testing app beta. This app store has around 0.85 Million apps in the store. Investors such as Tiger Global Management and Accel Partners back up the app store

  • AppLand

This app store is believed to be a perfect substitute for the Apple App Store. Especially when the users come from Egypt, Cambodia, Myanmar, Panama, Bangladesh, Iraq, Malaysia, El Salvador, Iran, USA, Oman, Mexico, Indonesia, and such other international markets, this app store provides the best of the services.

The app store support services of AppLand are considerably supportive and responsive which makes it an option to be considered while selecting an alternative. The revenue and distribution model needs some improvement but the developers are working on it

  • TutuApp

This iOS App store alternative is highly popular with around 300 million users. It has gained this popularity due to its excellent features such as multi-language support, simple app submission process, multiple payment gateways, cooperated SDK, etc

  • AppValley

This is another perfect substitute for the Apple App Store. This app store has a huge and tremendous collection to choose from for free content. The content may be unofficial but can be simply modified for various devices of Apple such as iPad, iPhone, etc

  • vShare

vShare app market has a provision for downloading games, apps, music, entertainment apps, and many more such things. One can share photos, videos, and other memorable moments anywhere anytime. There are numerous marketing tools, business tools, and instant messaging facilities. Apart from this browsing through products, shopping, and checking orders, etc can also be performed

  • AltStore

AltStore is remarkably similar to the Apple app store. It provides self-signing, downloading, installing, and access to unofficial apps, game emulators, etc. It does not require any jailbreak to any of your Apple devices and is very simple and safe to download and install. Altstore has a collection of various apps that are out of the boundaries of iOS


Though the Apple app store boasts that it has all the content that a user requires, these alternatives have expanded the horizon of the apps to an unlimited area. Also, these app stores are reasonable in terms of profitability and revenue consideration. Unlike the iOS store, they focus on the promotion of the apps which helps the app developers considerably

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