Top 5 High-Paid Animation Jobs

In the art and design sector, the animation is one of the most interesting job paths. It also pays one of the highest salaries in the industry. In 2015, the typical annual salary for animators was $63,970, with top earners earning more than $113,600. Some sectors, specialist fields, or high-level professions may pay significantly more than the average. Software publishers and other information operations, for instance, are also among the top five best-paid businesses for animators, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average wages are $76,920 for men and $82,940 for women. These are the high paid BA in animation jobs in specialized fields and high-level professions that pay well in the animation industry:

1.Mathematical Modelers: 

One of the most sophisticated disciplines of the animation business is mathematical modeling. Mathematical modelers create models to show processes or address problems. Mathematical modelers build and animate 3D visualizations of procedures using mathematical modeling abilities and software technologies. Specialists in this field usually have a master’s degree in mathematics or a related field, as well as a bachelor’s degree in animation.

2.Medical Animator:

Medical animation is a profoundly specialized profession that necessitates abilities that go beyond those required for television and cinema animation. Although medical animators must convert complicated research into medical media, many of them also have a master’s degree in a science, medicinal, or technology-related subject. Medical animators produce interactive medical films, medical animations, dynamic scientific applications, and medical drawings for biotech businesses, libraries, ad agencies, higher education establishments, pharmaceutical companies, and mainstream channels.

3.Senior Animator:

The senior animator collaborates directly with the lead animator and production manager to define the overall style of a game console, as well as the methodologies and techniques that animators in the studio will employ. They also collaborate with the chief animator and game designers to help with the pre-production preparation of the gameplay. They also supervise and teach junior animators.

4.Animation Art Director:

 The visual style and imagery in motion picture projects, gaming, branding, and countless other sectors are the responsibility of animation art directors. The art director is in charge of the majority of the creative personnel, and he has the last word on what makes the cut. Art directors are also responsible for the training of younger personnel and the management of finances.

5.3D Modeler:

To create incredibly detailed models and surroundings to action, 3D modelers use industry-standard animation programs like Maya, 3DS Max, and Blend. 3D modelers work in a variety of sectors, including cinema, video games, advertisement, engineering, production, and architecture. Working for a large company like Pixar or Disney, a 3D modeler may make up to $100,000 per year. Art directors’ salaries are determined by the scope of the project, the production company or firm for which they work, and a variety of other criteria.

So, if you want to pursue a profession in animation, you should begin by enrolling in the course right now.

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