An Interview With Sanjay Choubey

Q – Please introduce yourself with my readers

Answer – Hello to everyone, my name is Sanjay Choubey and I would like to introduce myself as a Digital marketer because that is what my identity is. I am the sole owner of the website SanjayChoubey.Com and A1Digitalmarketing.Com. I am a Delhi-based Digital marketer. After completion of my B.TECH in 2010, I became Digital market head in a-few companies in India. Currently, I am a full-time SEO/SMO/PPC freelancer. My hobby can be summed up in just one word that is the Internet.  

Q – Why you switched to freelancing from Blogging?

Answer – I used to do blogging in the beginning stage of my career, I used to write blogs and made a good amount of money from writing blogs itself but I was not satisfied and decided not to restrict myself to blogging so I decided to jump into freelancing. As a freelancer, I was more independent more confident and it was more flexible to work. As a freelancer I got to explore a wide range of digital services like Online reputation management (ORM), Search engine optimization (SEO), Social media optimization (SMO), Pay per click (PPC), content writing, Affiliate market, and many more.

Q – What are your main sources of income?

Answer – I have many sources of income out of which I would like to talk about my top four sources of income one by one. So, my first main source of income is Upwork. Upwork is an American freelancing platform from which I can make approx. $10 per hour. My second main source of income is blogging, I do blogging which gives me a good amount of money in return. My third main source of income is Google AdSense. Through AdSense, I make money from my website through its online content. My fourth main source of income is Affiliate marketing, it gives returns as I promote a company’s product and it completes sales.

Q – What is your next plan?

Answer – Although I am making a good amount of money right now my aims are much higher and to reach there, I have to continue doing the smart work in the field of digital marketing. I have plans for the growth of A1Digital Marketing and will pursue in the pace of perfection of proving top-notch services for my clients all over the world. I will work towards making A1Digital Marketing one-stop service provider for all the digital marketing needs. A1 Digital Marketing will be the leading digital market service provider in India in near future.

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