All you need to know about RUMMY BAAZI

Nowadays everyone is playing online games. But what if you can play and earn money at the same time? Sounds like a good deal right? Yes, you guys heard it right. Earning money while playing online games is a real deal and there are a lot of options available for the same.  But which one to choose from is the real question. No worries, here is one of the best online gaming platforms for gamers who want to earn money by playing games on smartphones. Are you also fond of playing online games and also want to earn money from them?  Then go through the article to know all about the real money-making online game –  Rummy Baazi

Online rummy, is a card game to be played online. This is one of the most popular games and it completely depends upon the skills. The fun part is that it’s a completely legal platform to play card games. 

The following are the instructions on how to play the Rummy Baazi game:

  • Register yourself with username, password, and personal email ID on the rummy baazi website. Else you can also link with your Facebook account and the registration costs nothing. 
  • After registering successfully, you are now able to access the rummy lobby and now you can start playing practice games. If you are an expert then you can go for cash games and enjoy yourself with the given bonus while the time of joining. You can pick up from different variants that are points rummy, 101 pool rummy, 201 pool rummy, deals rummy, and raise rummy. 
  • When you will feel confident enough to play the game, then you can add cash to your  rummy baazi account with the help of available different options of the method. And the minimum amount is added to the account stats as low as 25. After winning when cash will be added to your account, you can simply withdraw at any given time you like.

Adding cash limits:

There are two types of cash limits available which you should keep in mind while adding cash to your account. They are monthly limits and daily limits.

  • Monthly limit: It is a default limit, which is set by the system. You can decrease as well as increase the limit to a maximum or minimum certain amount. 
  • Daily limit: It is a dynamic limit set by the system. It depends upon the validation of the account. If you have to add 1000 cash in a day, then you can add 200 at any time in a day, then you can add the rest 800 at any time within 24 hours. It is a rolling amount.  

Benefits of playing Rummy games:

  • You can compete with the best rummy players across India.
  • You can play more games or can simply transfer to your account by the cash added to your account.
  • In real cash games, they offer cashback also.
  • You can win extra cash in funny ways.
  • It is a confident and skill-based game of rummy on the money table. 
  • You can have quick access to games on mobile and android apps. 
  • The games are challenging as well as you can win big cash prizes.
  • While you add cash to the account a big bonus is available.
  • For winning the game, there will be real money in your account.
  • When you become an online cash gamer, your lifestyle will improve as well.
  • You will get opportunities to get into higher clubs for expert rummy players with high stake cash games.
  • The cash will transfer instantly and securely to your account.  

Indian rummy is similar to a normal rummy game except for the set of 13 cards dealt with each other. 

The three most popular Rummy variants in India

  • Points Rummy: In this game, the monetary value associated with each point is preset at the beginning. The player who finishes first wins the amount as (sum of points of all opponents) x (monetary value of 1 point). It is easier to learn and play Points Rummy even for beginners also.
  • Deals Rummy: In this game, the number of deals (game rounds) is pre-set at the beginning. The winner of the game is the player who has the maximum points at the end of the deal. The number of deals is 2 or 3. It is similar to playing Points Rummy for a fixed number of times. 
  • Pool Rummy: In this game, the upper limit (101/201) for the points is pre-set at the beginning. The winner is the player who remains till the end after all the other players have been eliminated on crossing the preset limit. It is the longest format of Indian Rummy. It is similar to playing Points Rummy again and again till all the players, except one, collect 101/201 points and have to exit the game.


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