All you need to know about PokerBaazi

In the era of this modernised world where everything has become digitised, online games have become a crucial part of everyone’s adventurous and fun life. There used to be a time where people loved to play outdoors with friends and enjoy it alot, but as time has changed, so have the people. As the digital world has provided us with many online platforms to play games online, it has made people love how they can play games online by just sitting at home and that too with their friends. No longer do they require to visit outdoors for playing games; they can just play a variety of games by sitting at home. 

Nowadays, people just not only love to play games online, but they can also make money with them. Have you ever thought that you could ever be able to make money through the work you love and enjoy the most, i.e. by playing games. No wonder you must have not. But when this has become a reality, then why to stay back? 

Today in this article, we are going to discuss one such fantastic game that is PokerBaazi. We are pretty sure that you all must be familiar with this game as this is one of the famous and most loved games by the players. 

The ones who are habitual of playing online games must have this game on top of their list. 

Founded in 2014, PokerBaazi is an online platform for playing poker online, where you can connect with different people on one platform to play this game. So, let’s begin with discussing different aspects of this game and learn everything about it. 

How to play poker?

You must be wondering how to play poker online, but it is not difficult to learn a poker game. You can learn to play poker in just six to seven minutes. You all must be familiar with various other card games, so poker is just another card game based on the skill, luck and intelligence of a person. The game of Poker consists of multiple variants, and one such popular variant is Texas Hold’em. This variant is very readily available on poker sites and one of the easiest variants that you can learn within a few minutes. Most of the beginners learn to play Texas Hold’em poker when they begin learning.

Let’s start with basic poker rules online.

  1. Most of the basic online poker rules remain the same for all the variants. There are very slight differences in different variants; otherwise, you can easily learn the others if you learn one. The main aim to win every poker game is to make the best possible combination of poker hand ranking.
  2. The dealer provides every player with two face-down hole cards, and after each hand, the position is rotated clockwise by the dealer.  
  3. There are four rounds in this online cash game. 
  4. All players form strategies to play this online game and have their unique positions.
  5. One of the fixed rules to play poker online is that the Small Blind (SB) and Big Blind (BB) players have to play a fixed amount of ante to start with the process of betting in each hand. 
  6. The BB should always be double the amount of SS.
  7. After the blinds take the position in Texas Hold’em poker, the other players can move forward with their actions.
  8. The entry fees that players pay for playing the game are paid to the blinds in poker chips.
  9. The players must pay a buy-in participation fee if they want to play real money games online.
  10. Many different types of buy-in depend on various factors like stakes, prize pool, etc.  

After these rules, let’s have a look at some of the basic poker strategies.

    1. Do not play with too many hands – One of the most common mistakes that players make is that they often get confused with their beginning hands. Although too many hands will let you make more money, if you believe that just one hand can make you win the game, you must go. 
    2. Too much bluffing is bad – Bluffing is often said to be good for winning the game, but not every time. You must not just depend on always bluffing to win the game every time; you just have to focus on your cards instead of bluffing your opponents.
  • Choose your opponent wisely –  You will always be at an advantage if you choose a player who is not as good as you as this will increase your win’s chances. 
  • Focus on the game – You must always focus on your game and even your opponent’s game as well. You must take care of every move of your opponent and understand the way they are playing. In this way, you can get a good opportunity to beat your opponent. 

The above-mentioned poker tips will surely help you win the game and earn a lot of money while enjoying it. 

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