All you need to know about Fantasy Cricket online

In today’s world Cricket has become the most popular game that everybody loves to play and watch. But sometimes going outside and playing cricket is not possible. If you want to play cricket at home itself, then you must go through the below article. Yes! You heard it right. Playing cricket at home and that too with your mobile. Fantasy cricket apps, where you can select an upcoming real-time cricket fixture in just a mobile application and also can choose your own playing 11 from both the teams combined. Also, you always do not have to take those 11 players, which is the best part of the game. You should select players who can score a point for your team and are also reliable, and the number of players is 11. If you find some low-performers, you can easily replace them with better players on the ongoing series itself. 

The advantage of playing online cricket on Ballebaazi is that you are always going to win. And who will not love to win every time? When you are winning the match by scoring high fantasy, you will be earning real cash, and in case you lose a match, you will earn BB coins. Isn’t it interesting to win whether you win or lose the match? Of course, it is. You will be allowed to buy exclusive BB merchandise, gadgets, bikes, and other attractive prizes, as the BB coins you will earn from a lost match will be redeemed in the Ballebaazi reward store. Another interesting feature or advantage of playing online fantasy games on Ballebaazi is that, whatever the magnitude of the game is, you will get to choose players from all upcoming fixtures. Also, you will get the opportunity to make real money daily. 

Everything has its good and bad times too. The fantasy cricket industry has gone through both the good times by making huge profits and bad times by suffering from losses. Online fantasy players can earn real money by playing fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy kabaddi, fantasy baseball, and fantasy basketball. This is one of the best fantasy cricket apps where you can choose the best bowlers and batsmen, and then you can join an online cricket league. It does not matter if you are an experienced and expert player or you are just a beginner who just started playing the game. The app is going to give you real cash online. The app is very user-friendly as you can simply transfer the money through Paytm even if you have as low as 10 rupees. The app Ballebaazi is also safe and secure in case of earning cash in online games. For several cricket leagues, monthly promotions, referral bonuses, top rewards, fantasy point systems, and monthly leaderboards, Ballebazi is home to comprehensive online experienced gamers. 

Here are some factors that you need to know, why should you choose the app for  fantasy cricket online gaming

  • It has three different variants, i.e. classic, bowling, and batting.
  • The app is safe and secure; also, it is one of the trusted apps. 
  • The app is fast and snappy for smartphones.
  • You will get expert advice while choosing or selecting the team.
  • Monthly contests will be held, which are super exciting.
  • You can buy micro leagues with just INR 1. 
  • There will be several practice games as well as cash leagues.

If you are passionate about cricket and want to create match-winning fantasy teams, Ballebaazi offers straight-line access for you.  Want to know how to play the fantasy game ? Let’s know about it. 

  • At first, you have to sign in or login into your gaming account on BB. 
  • You can download the app BB for your android phone as well as iPhones.
  • Then you have to choose the current cricket series which you would like to play.
  • Then you will be choosing from classic bowling, batting variants.
  • Then you have to choose between cash leagues and practice contents.
  • For classic fantasy, choose 11 best players, and respectively, for batting and bowling fantasy, choose 5 best batsmen or bowlers from two competing sides in a league and create your best team.
  • Then just submit your team.

Classic Fantasy:

  • Choose a maximum of 11 players for your team.
  • From one competing team, select up to 7 players. 
  • Captain has 2x, and vice-captain has 1.5x points.
  • You can get 100 credits to create one team maximum. 

Bowling Fantasy:

  • With up to 3 players from one competition team, you can select up to five bowlers.
  • Captain has 2x, and vice-captain has 1.5x points.
  • Get 45 credits to create one team maximum.

Batting Fantasy:

  • With up to 3 players from one competition team, you can select up to five bowlers.
  • Captain has 2x, and vice-captain has 1.5x points.
  • Get 45 credits to create one team maximum. 

Now, you have the information about Ballebaazi. So, go, play, and earn cash. Enjoy gamers. 


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