Advantages When Choosing Fiber Internet Service

If you’ve looked for internet services before, then you’ve likely heard that you should choose fiber optic over other types because of the speed that it offers and because it’s more reliable. You need to consider the other connections that fiber optic is being compared to as well as the price of fiber optic and how it can be obtained. For many people, a cable internet connection has been all that they have known until providers started moving up in the world and began offering a faster option for customers.

Here are a few advantages of this connection to examine.


One of the primary reasons to consider fiber optic internet is the speed. It’s about 10 times faster than cable, sometimes 20 times faster depending on the equipment used. Downloading a movie usually takes about seven minutes with cable internet and under a minute with fiber optic. The faster speed is something to consider if you work from home or if there are several people in your home who use the internet at one time.


There’s nothing like being online and watching a movie or listening to a song and the internet stops working. If there are a lot of people online at one time, then a cable connection can slow to a crawl or stop altogether until some of those people get off. Fiber-optic lines can handle more traffic without slowing down your internet speed.


One way that internet providers try to keep systems from going down is by throttling. They will slow the system down when there are a lot of people online at one time in order to preserve the connection for more people. Since fiber optic lines can handle more traffic, you usually won’t see this issue with this of connection.

Downloading and Uploading

You’ll usually find that cable internet often has different speeds for uploading and downloading with uploading being much slower. When there are more people using the home internet at one time or who are closer to the internet source, then your speeds will likely slow even more compared to a level field with both speeds from fiber optic internet. This allows you to share and receive information with other people without waiting for files to send.


As you upgrade the televisions in your home, you might discover that the image isn’t as clear as it could be if you have cable internet. Cable internet tends to struggle to keep up with the 4K design of many modern televisions. With fiber optic running close to 500 Mbps, you’re going to get a better picture quality.


If you’re a gamer, then you know how important a quality internet connection is so that you can send other players the items that they need and communicate with other players. A fiber connection keeps all of the issues from occurring that could result from slower speeds so that you don’t have to worry about making that legendary kill in the game.


A benefit of 5G internet is that the signals aren’t strong enough to get through the skin. However, they could increase the risk for certain types of cancer. Fiber optic signals are maintained in the cables, which means that these risks are significantly decreased or nonexistant.


You probably have more than one device in your home that’s connected to the internet at one time. With a steady signal from fiber optic lines, everyone can stay connected without any issues.

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