Advantages of Employing Visitor Management System for Schools

The advancement in technology has made our lives easier beyond measures. There’s no doubt that technology has influenced each aspect of our life and greatly dominated how things get done. Speaking from a security perspective, it’s a huge step forward. Integrating technology with the security of your home, workplace, or educational institution has always proved to be revolutionary. 


Studies suggest that educational institutions, especially schools, have seen a growing need for enhanced security systems, to ensure the safety of both students and the staff. Speaking of which, a digital visitor management system with countless in-build properties focused on the safety and security of students and staff members has come across as an effective solution to this growing concern. 


However, if you are still not sure about how a visitor management system works and what are the benefits of employing it, we are presenting you with some of the best advantages of introducing an iLobby visitor management system to your school system. 




Implementing a visitor management system in your school system can prove to be highly helpful in saving up resources. With this enhanced security system, the school will no longer have to take care of the entry and exit time of visitors, staff members, and students. 


Visitor Management System allows people to self-sign in, which significantly cuts down the manpower and allows the institution to focus its resources elsewhere. The visitor management system can also be programmed to track the visitors, take pictures, print badges for approved visitors, recognize visitors, etc.




The lack of maintenance issues and cost is also a reason for employing a digital visitor management system for schools. Unlike the traditional visitor books, with this digitized system, the staff will not have to go through with the maintenance of countless record books to monitor the data and keep track of the entry and exit of the visitors. The staff can also access the real-time data and reports on the visitors conveniently through their mobile. With this new approach, the school can save its resources.


Easy to Use


The convenience of digital visitor management systems is another reason to have them. They are quite easy to use and do not require a tech-savvy person to learn how to operate them.  They give us the luxury of easily navigating and utilizing the enhanced security system. The visitor management system has a touch screen option which makes it a lot easier to operate. With a user-friendly interface and limited requirements for manpower, these systems are built to provide an improved user experience. 


Apart from this, the system also proves to be highly helpful in removing the errors which may be a huge issue while using the traditional paper process. The errors could easily lead to inaccuracy in data, which could have serious consequences at the time of emergency.




The visitor management system is known for making lives easier and by quickly processing everything it saves up a lot of time that would usually spend doing the menial tasks. With a visitor management system, you can significantly reduce the workload of the staff members which frees them to focus on other important tasks and in this way, everything can move a lot quicker in your day-to-day life. 


By streamlining your processes, the visitor management system helps you make the registration quicker and easier. The guests will no longer have to go through a step-by-step process to do their registration and it will end up saving a lot of time for the visitors as well as the staff members. 


Access Control


With a good visitor management system. the school system can effectively deal with access control. The school can put in the terms and conditions for providing access to a person and in this way they can control whoever can access a certain area or school property. The security system can also be programmed to provide safety certificates to certain individuals and give access according to that. It also comes with a function of built-in RFID card readers which allows the school to enhance its security by allowing the staff members to sign in and sign out immediately after they have used their existing door access cards. With this automated process, the school system can rest assured about the security of their premises, as well as students and staff members. 


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