Adding Salon Booking to WordPress to Grow Your Business

So, you are running a salon and your website is working smoothly. However, it is not that proficient to give customers the ability to book your services online. Let me explain to you, how you can do it. If you add salon booking function in your WordPress site, it will help you keep your work processes smooth!

This function is one of the most amazing features to let the traffic directly book your services. You will drive more traffic to your website if you allow the customers to book their appointments online. In this era, where we want every other service to be booked online even the food, grocery and clothing. Why not try it at our salon to book the services online. This will let the customers save their time by not driving to your salon. Adding this feature to your website is just an ideal thought.

5 Major Reasons to Have an Online Booking System

Most of the business owners, even today, do not understand the importance of implementing an online booking system. Still, they prefer to go for Salon Booking Software that is, in fact, expensive and everyone is not that rich to afford the online booking software. So, adding the feature in your WordPress website would be great and it will drive the customers to book your services. There are a few reasons mentioned here, that will help you know the importance of allowing someone to book a hair appointment online.


If you are the one who follows new trends to give your best to the clients. As the innovative methods and features give an appealing feeling to the customers and they rush to get the services with the amazing content. So, do you want your customers to book the haircut appointments online?

Face it then & think outside the box!

If the potential customer finds two options;

1- Your salon

2- Ability to book the appointment online

What would be the more chances? Think! Pretty sure, the increased customers will book the service having the feasibility to book online.

This kind of features and facilities will help you get customer retention and 80% of your revenue is because of what you get from customer retention.


If you are using a WordPress website, great! WordPress offers you a free version of a salon booking plugin that is what you can try out. This is not much expensive, in fact cheap, that allows you to earn money away from your outlet.

This will make you hassle-free to take phone calls to book their appointments. This way, you do not need to only rely on the walk-ins to get the customers. WordPress has made it easy by adding these plugins to book the services online. You will get amazing results once you try it.

Your Brand

A brand is one thing that is important for every businessman. As a businessman, you want your brand to stand out from the rest that is in line with the competition. To stand out your brand from competitors, several factors play a part in building your brand image.

Your customers will rely on your brand only if you are giving them the services beyond their expectations. If you are running a salon business, you need to buy a Salon Booking Software or adding a booking feature on your salon website to run your business successfully facilitating your customers to book their appointments online.

Local SEO

Customers are always behind the ease they are getting to be linked to your brand. They will rush to you finding something unique in comparison to your competitor. If you have something additional in comparison to your competitor will bring your customer to choose your product or service.

SEO helps a lot to rank your website on the first page in first searches. Other than this, installing booking system integrated to your website will also help you to pick the clients who come to your website. Most of the people search typing a phrase, “near me”, to find the salon services. Adding this feature and doing SEO will help you bring more traffic instead of any paid advertising for which you pay the amount.

Salon Booking System

Plugin for salon booking system is quite light and adding this, you can easily manage online bookings from customers. Online booking software like Wellyx offers great help both to the customer and the owner saving time and money for both.

WordPress plugin for salon booking provides you with everything that you need to keep your customer coming and booking appointments online. Once you install this plugin and do activate it, you get a lot of options that will help you a lot to book the haircut appointments online directly from your website. Moreover, this plugin is also available on both android and iOS software to allow you to manage your appointments, bookings, payments and every other thing directly from your phone.

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