A marketer’s guide to using memes

If you thought memes only got shares amongst a group of friends, then there’s more for you to know! Today, memes have become a popular marketing tool for brands, and marketers are trying to find out how to use memes to enhance their marketing initiatives. Here are a few guidelines for marketers so that they can use memes correctly.

  1. Ensure the meme complements the brand voice

Most marketers feel that their memes would appeal to the audience. However, at times it becomes challenging to integrate them simultaneously, maintaining brand consistency. However, today memes are becoming more mainstream, and high-end brands are experimenting with them so that they can get more followers and stay relevant.  Memes can increase your brand reach, especially if millennials are your target audience.

Generally, memes leverage social commentary, nostalgia, or satire. Hence, a good meme is both insightful and funny. At times memes can get offensive or rude. Therefore, marketers need to arrive at a balance when they are using memes. They need to stay updated on the recent memes.

The secret is to stay authentic and not be excessively conservative. If there is edgy content, it only shows that your brand has a persona and a distinctive voice from others.

  1. Generate original memes

Creating original content is slightly challenging because you must get material for the meme, see Meme Scout for ideas. You should also choose a format and use some relatable commentary. It will take your creativity, time, and energy, and later on, your meme will get shared as well. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are creating memes:

  • Types of memes – There are several ways for creating memes online, whether you are using GIFs, videos, images, or screenshots. It would help if you had experimented with it all and check what the users like most.
  • Style–You might want to use rounded corners, embedded texts, and emojis. People who love memes also love such visual elements.
  • Fonts – Helvetica Neue and Montserrat are the two standard fonts for memes. However, some creators also use Comic Sans, Arial, and other fonts.


  1. Add memes to social media content

Are you a social media manager and new to meme marketing? If yes, here are a few ways in which you can add memes to the social media content.

  • React to any current cultural phenomenon or moment

You can post your reaction to anything taking place in real-time, such as a random holiday. It could also be an event, such as the Women’s World Cup.

  • Take a screenshot of a tweet

The social media managers can develop a quick joke simply by repurposing content in Twitter for Instagram and created a brand-associated meme. You need to ensure that you add the Twitter handle and the original creator’s account name in the screenshot.

  • Repost relevant memes that are user-generated

Since memes are meant to be liked and shared, the memes’ creators usually motivate others to share and repost the content. The marketers have the option to reshare and regram the memes directly. However, you need to ensure that you are legally resharing it.

Memes can help you to put your marketing message across to people. The expert marketers can follow this guide and use memes to their advantage.

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