4 More Players Who Deserve The “99” Rating in Madden 22

Madden NFL is by far and near one of the most popular video games in the world. Be it that you’re a casual gamer who likes to get down for a session here and there with your friends, or that you’re one of those gaming fans that love to bet on Esports, given Madden’s popularity in the professional gaming ranks, Madden is usually a staple of everyone’s gaming collection.

Now, there are two very important dates for Madden fans each year. One, of course being the release date of the yearly version of EA’s most successful football themed video gaming franchise. And two, a period of days in total where all of the Madden player ratings are published for the season. For the upcoming Madden 22 title, the official ratings are out and of course, we’re here to talk about them. But not about the “99 Club” but about the players who just barely missed the mark. 

Here are our picks for four players that should be in the “99 Club” this year.

Derrick Henry, RB, Tennessee Titans

I dare you to show me a more skilled, complete and just basically dominating running back other than Tennessee’s Derrick Henry. Take your time, because while there are some very good other running backs in the league, nobody has shown as much sheer dominance in the position as Henry has in the past years. His 2,027 yards run last season clearly should’ve been reason enough for Madden raters to just go ahead and give him the 99 rating, right? Well, the 96 he has right now told a different story.

Henry, who can easily be on his way to being the first RB in the history of the NFL to rush for over 2,000 yards in consecutive seasons in the upcoming NFL season deserves that 99 rating. If not based on his running skills alone then on how he has become the most important part of the Titans offense, with the help of QB Ryan Tannehill and now WR Julio Jones. That trio right there is going to cause nightmares for opposing defenses, so why Henry didn’t get his 99 rating is something that just doesn’t add up.

Josh Allen, QB, Buffalo Bills

Now, let’s talk some real talk here and recognize talent where it’s due. Josh Allen, Buffalo’s all-star QB deserves a much better rating than what he got this year. Allen put up MVP caliber numbers last season and this season could easily see him win the league’s MVP honors and who knows, even Super Bowl MVP honors. So the question here is, an 88 for a rating, really?

His athleticism, his running skills, the way he handles himself in the pocket and against the blitz and that cannon he has for an arm should be ample reasons enough to put him right up there with Mahomes, a player that knows that Allen is a QB no defense wants to face. Leave it to Allen and the Bills to put on an impressive showing this season and then we’ll see what’s up with those unfair ratings.

Myles Garrett, DE, Cleveland Browns

Just like everyone talks about how plainly dominant a player like Aaron Donald is for the Rams’ defense, Myles Garrett is exactly the same for the Cleveland Browns’ defense. Not just is he the heart, soul and leader of this defense, he is clearly also the muscle. Garrett’s dominance on the field is unmatched, his speed and strength, especially considering his size and frame are out of this world and his playing skills are masterful. Why Garrett got left with 98 instead of getting the coveted 99 rating is something that baffles me. 

Also the fact that there are no edge rushers with a 99 rating overall is another thing that baffles me. This list got players like Garrett, Khalil Mack, both TJ and JJ Watt, Von Miller, the Bosa brothers and Chandler Jones amongst other players and yet nobody was worthy of a 99 rating. Who gets you Madden ratings, really.

DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Arizona Cardinals

Time to get real here when talking about WR’s, especially if we’re going to talk about DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins, who has a 98 rating in this year’s Madden edition, has been one of the most important receivers this league has had for as many years as he’s been around. Even in a faulty Houston team, Hopkins always put his best foot forward, alongside his video-game style skills. Now, with the chance to play alongside bonafide legend Larry Fitzgerald and up and coming star QB Kyler Murray, you know Hopkins is going to show up and show out. He deserves the 99 even if that last point has to be used as a layaway for now.

The WR Madden ratings read like a dream team list of receivers, with Davante Adams up there with his 99 score, followed by Hopkins and Tyreek Hill at 98, Steffon Diggs at 97, Julio Jones at 95 and Michael Thomas at 94 amongst others. Expect at least 3 of those players apart from Adams to see their ratings go up during the season.

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