9 Fun Things You Can Do Online

Are you feeling bored? Are you wondering how to spend your free time alone? Well, it is now almost impossible to physically interact with our friends or even family members. Most of us have had to retreat to our own spaces where we spend most of our time alone. Yes, it can get quite lonely or boring. But the new normal does not have to be depressingly dull with lots of fun activities that you can do online! 

Sign up for survey sites 

This is one thing you can do for fun and earn some cash! Companies and individuals are always looking for opinions and feedback from people regarding their products and services. Others collect data to help them make better products for their target audience. They will often set up surveys online that you can participate in. You can earn points and even get cash rewards with the right surveys. It can be fun! 

Google your name 

Sounds interesting, right? Yes, you can search your name on Google and discover what is out there about you. It is likely that you have been mentioned or even tagged by people online. You could find this out by just searching your name in your free time. It is also likely that you will find a ton of information about yourself that you didn’t know was splashed over the Internet.
Fun fact:
You might also discover people with the same name as you. That might be as much fun. 

Journal online 

One of the other intimate things you can do is journaling. It allows you to explore the depths of your emotions at the moment. Journaling also draws you into a reflection of what you have been going through, your experiences over time, and your thoughts about yourself, others, and life in general. You can share your deep thoughts by journaling online on your blog.
Getting a simple blog is free these days with options like WordPress and Blogger. You will create a space to publish your thoughts and share your experiences with other people. It could also be a way of interacting with your fans, as you will get to receive direct feedback through the comment section. This will help you ease boredom, create a community of fans while giving you a sense of satisfaction. Try it out! 

Learn a course virtually

The Internet has redefined how learning takes place. You do not have to be in the lecture hall to learn a course. There are many free online courses created by reputable instructors and which you can join. If you love learning new things, you can register on the likes of Coursera, edX, Udemy, and the likes. You will get thousands of fun online classes and learning materials that include lecture notes, videos, audios, and illustrations, as well as assignments. Learning virtually allows you to read at your own pace. This means that you can spend your free time learning a skill that you can later monetize. So, how about spending your free time having fun learning a course in the comfort of your home! 

Play games online 

The Internet is a platform to have fun playing games. Children, teenagers, and adults all have online games that they can play for free and win free gift rewards. You can still engage in an activity that will bring you together. Online games like Mahjong are designed to give you total fun and an unmatched experience. Designed with different backgrounds, layouts, and tiles, it is an exciting game that is fun to play. There are many other marvelous online games you can enjoy in your free time!

Test your knowledge with quizzes

How much do you know about rocks? How about the continents in the world? How much do you know about the history of your people? Well, the Internet will help you challenge your general knowledge through quizzes. Some sites are designed to help you learn almost anything. For example, you can search for a question like, “Which mountain represents my attitude?” and see the answer you get from the Internet. That is a fun question to ask, but you can be sure to get an answer. You can also test your political knowledge by searching for something like, “Who was the first president of America?” and see the answer that you will get.

Photoshop your pictures 

Have you ever imagined how you would look if you were Black? Or white? Or older? Or younger? Well, you can put that imagination to a fun use and Photoshop yourself. If you are a design fanatic, you can manipulate your images to look younger or older and more. It must be fun seeing your potential look in a decade to come. 

Tour different countries using Google Street View 

Now, did you know that you can walk through the streets of Jamaica or Atlanta, or the Maldives from the comfort of your couch? Thanks to tech like Google Street View you can take a trip there! It is designed to provide you with real-time experience of places from a 3D perspective. All you need to do is key in the location you want to tour virtually. You can access the streets, plazas, towers, and other locations. You will learn a lot about the various places around the world. 

Explore new recipes 

Exploring new recipes for foods from other cultures is also fun! Instead of getting bored, you can look up recipes and maybe try some. The Internet has many recipes and videos on cooking different dishes. You can try some of them during your free time and see how that comes out. Who knows, your passion for food could become a hobby and an extra income stream! 

In a nutshell

Staying alone, especially during this lockdown season, can be stressful. Instead of feeling lonely, you can do a horde of things online. Most of them are free and you can explore some with friends and family virtually. Yes, it doesn’t have to be boring with the Internet around! 

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