8 Best Free Alternatives to Google Keep

Writing notes on your mobile devices becomes very important when you have so many tasks to perform and lots of things to keep in your mind. If you have a Malayalam keyboard app with you, it becomes much easier with typing. 


People of Kerala would really enjoy keeping important notes in their own language as they love to write on their notepads. Say goodbye to pen and paper and utilize these amazing alternatives to Google Keep. 


Here are some of the Alternatives to Google Keep Notes that you should have on your mobile devices in order to remember things and keep your minds sorted: 

  • Standard Notes- If you’re someone who is always in a hurry and would want to write notes quickly. You can download this app where you can create notebooks and add checkboxes as well as soon as you complete a task. There is no sign-up or registration required after downloading this app.

  • Simple Note- To all the older generations who would love to write in their language, this note-taking app is very simple for them. You can invite others to collaborate with you and you can add tags as well. Again you also get to add checkboxes here. 

  • OneNote- the best thing about this note-taking app is the storage. You get 5 GB of storage and it’s more than enough. The notes you type can also be categorized into notebooks and sections just like a digital notebook. The app also performs simple math equations right there. 

  • ColorNote- This very interesting app allows you to color your notes too. Adding colors on your nose is a way to differentiate between your type of notes and projects. You also get to add reminders and pin them according to your needs and attention.

  • Colored Note- Just like ColorNote, the app also allows you to color-code your notes and projects. You can quickly delete, or share your notes by swiping above them. There are also font sizes and types that also allow you to assign types of moods too. 

  • Dropbox Paper- this is considered a really powerful note writing app. You also get to collaborate with others and work on the same document with secured sharing. It has to create a to-do list that quotes assigned to an individual member of any team to make it easy. 

  • Boostnote- Are you a coding enthusiast? The boost note has rich text as well as some markdown language which helps in writing codes easily. This app allows you to easily write code that includes 100 programming languages including Python, HTML, etc. 

  • We note- you can schedule your task and work better with an integrated schedule along with the reminders. You get inbuilt calendar checklists and synced Google Drive. 


We love all these apps because keeping notes makes it very easy to remember things. All these note apps mentioned above are really quick and smooth when we jot down our thoughts, images, and some voice formats too. 


If you are from Kerala and love to write notes in your own regional language then keep reading this beautiful article. Even if you are not from Kerala and would love to know about the technology-based Malayalam typing keyboard that lets you learn Malayalam, you’re most welcome. 


All the Malayalis are going to get mind-blown when they finally get their fingers to the Malayalam typing keyboard. The Malayalam typing keyboard has so many productive things to do. 


Writing notes is important but when you have a good keyboard with you, the writing experience becomes much more happening and fun. 


Here’s what you can do with the Malayalam Keyboard on your devices: 

  • Malayalam typing- you can type in the Malayalam language using various advanced features. This keyboard lets you learn the language as well if you are a newbie. The Malayalee alphabet is well written to make your typing experience fun. 

  • Utilize Malayalam stickers: if you are writing some fun notes on the apps that are mentioned above, adding stickers may also be beneficial according to your way of expressing things. You can differentiate your notes according to the stickers. 

  • Malayalam movie quotes- Do you love watching Malayalam Movie quotes? Jot your favorite ones down so that it keeps reminding you and motivates you. This will make you a little happier. 

  • Create avatars- you can also create funny avatars on the Malayalam keyboard and send them to your friends and families. Let them enjoy while you do too. 


So which note-taking app did you like the most? Are you someone who loves experimenting? Download the notes apps and write in your very favorite Malayalam language. 


Malayalam typing keyboard is something you should definitely keep on your mobile devices to live a happy and productive life, especially during this time when we easily get bored. This keyboard will keep you entertained with its cute features. 


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