7 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Overcome Anxiety and Stress

If you’re an entrepreneur, you are adept at solving problems.

You see a need in the market, and you know how to fill it.

It’s not an easy job. In fact, it requires a lot of skills that most people do not possess. But when you overcome a business hurdle, you are rewarded with commercial and financial success. 

So while the good times are good, the bad times can be, well, more than challenging.

And if you’re going through a period of extreme stress, the last thing you may be thinking of is yourself. You are likely neglecting yourself to sharpen your focus on your business and any of its ups and downs.

But don’t worry, we’re here for you! Take a bit of time and check out these seven ways entrepreneurs can overcome stress and anxiety.

1. Meditate

Meditation is a simple and effective way to reduce anxiety and stress. It’s especially beneficial if you’re a busy entrepreneur, as it can take as much time to meditate as you have. 

To start meditating, try these steps

  1. Find a quiet, calming space. 
  2. Close your eyes, and begin to breathe in and out slowly.
  3. Notice your body and focus on your breathing. 
  4. If your mind wanders, reset and go back to thinking about your body and your breathing.
  5. End your session with a kind thought about yourself and an appreciation of the space around you.

That’s really all there is to it! 

Depending on how you feel while meditating and of course, how much spare time you have, this can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes each day.

After you start meditating, you will likely feel like your stress and anxiety levels have just melted away. 

2. Exercise

You already know that exercise is crucial for physical well-being.

But did you know it’s a wonderful salve for when your body and mind are stressed and anxiety-ridden?

If you’re new to exercising, this fact may surprise you. But you don’t have to pump iron at the gym to relieve your stress and anxiety.

All it really takes is a walk. If you have time for a 15-minute walk every day, take it! Especially if you can take your walk outdoors, which is itself a stress and anxiety reducer.

When you feel anxious or stressed, take a break and walk outdoors. If this isn’t feasible, think of another activity you can try. If you’re stuck in your office, try a few squats, situps, or stretches.  

Physically responding to stressors is a surefire way of quelling them.

3. Eat for Mental and Physical Wellness

Just like with exercising, eating well is a must for reducing anxiety and stress.

And yep, we’re talking about boosting your dietary intake with whole foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients.

This may be the toughest tip on our list, however! The last thing you may want to eat when you’re feeling stressed is an apple and kale salad. 

But a greasy pizza at the end of an anxiety-inducing day will only make things worse. When your diet is mainly composed of healthy foods, your mental wellbeing is supported. 

It’s fine to have “cheat meals” occasionally, but just ensure you’re fueling your body with wholesome foods nine times out of ten.

4. Carve Out Some YOU Time

An entrepreneur’s life is dedicated to their business. But remember, your company cannot do its best if you are not taking care of yourself.

It’s better for your physical and mental wellbeing (and your bottom line) when you take time away from work and focus on yourself.

Go out and do something you want to do. Go jet skiing, go to the movies, hit up the spa, whatever you like. But be sure to keep that phone away! It’s not easy, but it will pay off in terms of reduced anxiety and stress.

5. Experiment With Psychedelics

The ‘60s are back, man!

No, we’re just kidding. But that may be what you’re thinking if you haven’t heard how psychedelics can play a role in reducing stress and anxiety.

LSD is now a popular form of treatment for reducing anxiety, stress, and other ailments. Learn more about this on Veriheal’s website.

6. Talk to a Professional

If you feel overwhelmed by stress and anxiety and perhaps even depressed, don’t let that feeling swallow you.

Set up a virtual appointment with a mental health professional and talk it out!


Sometimes all we need is to chat about our day and the things that stress us. And talking with a licensed professional is ideal for several reasons.


  • They are non-judgemental.
  • They know *exactly* what to ask you to address the issue.
  • They can create a custom wellness plan that fits you and your life.
  • Odds are, your health insurance covers it!

7. Always Make Time for Loved Ones

Being with family and friends has a way of making the anxiety and stress melt away.

But as a busy entrepreneur, you surely have had to forgo time with friends and family in order to work, work, work.

It’s time to stop that. Like, right now.

Make plans with your loved ones and stick to them. Set a loved one schedule if you must, during which you solely spend time with your most cherished people and completely ignore work.

It’s a wonderful way to relieve anxiety and stress. And your family and friends have likely really missed you, too.


It’s wonderful to have a busy, successful career.

And when you’re an entrepreneur, you can see the fruit of your successes every day. You have a team on your payroll and members of the general public use your goods or services.

But let’s face it: you will have plenty of anxious, stressed-out days ahead of you.

When that happens, just be sure to try a few ideas from our list above. It can make all the difference between falling worse and feeling better ASAP.

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