7 Reasonable Reasons to Choose Retirement Villages

Sydney’s retirement age continues to increase and is about 63 when factoring in people who have retired recently, according to AMP. This trend shows that Aussies have been retiring later than in the past due to various factors. Number reports the average monthly cost of living for a single Sydney-sider is about AUD1100 without rent, with costs being much higher for retiree couples.  

This situation has caused many residents of NSW’s capital city to consider housing options like retirement villages in Sydney. The option offers several benefits over other options liked aged care facilities, including the following ones.

retirement villages in Sydney

An aged care home might have occasional events like bingo night but will generally provide less interaction with residents than villages. This doesn’t mean everyone will be chatty and friendly, but it will be easier to socialize with people of your own age than other arrangements like retirement homes.

  • Longer Life Expectancy

Can your living location help you live longer? A recent Swedish study showed that being socially active can increase the life expectancy of people by an average of five or six years. A retirement village can offer such socialisation through activities related to hobbies, sports, etc.

  • Fewer Doctor Visits

The Council of Australia reports that senior citizens require at least half as many general practitioner (GP) visits per year when they live in retirement villages. It’s believed this is due to the on-site medical staff at retirement villages that can help with minor health issues. On average, retirement villagers only visit their GP one to three times per year.  

  • Greater Independence

One of the main features of a retirement village is that it provides more independence through options like retirement apartments. This allows residents more independence and flexibility when compared to aged care facilities. 

You can often avail yourself of services related to cooking, cleaning, and laundry, which provides more free time to enjoy the relaxing retirement you’ve earned.  

  • Lifestyle-Catering

When selecting a retirement village, you can choose one that suits your lifestyle to a tee. For example, you could pick one that’s near a park or beach or that has amenities like gardens, swimming pools, and nearby shops and restaurants. 

One of the key features of these villages is that they offer more flexibility in terms of your on-site and off-site activities. So you can select one that checks all the boxes.

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  • Delay Aged Care

In some cases, such as severe medical conditions, it’s practical for retirees to move directly into residential aged care. However, if you want to delay that process, some research shows that retirement villages can delay the move to aged care versus transfers from family homes by an average of five years. This allows you to enjoy the perks of the retirement facilities for longer.  

  • Boost Mental Wellbeing

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare recently estimated that 20% of Australian seniors experience social isolation. This experience can negatively affect the person’s mental health and increase the risk of depression.

Meanwhile, retirement villages are designed to prevent social isolation. Various social activities and events provide residents with a platform to interact with other residents. This can help improve health and wellbeing. 

The Victorian government reports estimate that up to 15% of Australian seniors experience depression. Studies show that socialization, such as through retirement villages, can help to thwart this mental health issue by preventing social isolation.

If you’re considering retirement housing options, then retirement villages in Sydney can provide several benefits. This includes ones related to independence, socialization, and healthcare. It turns out that the right mix of privacy and friendship might be good for your health. 

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