7 Most Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid in 2021 – By Srmehranclub

If you are thinking of building a website for your business, then we are certain that you probably have already considered choosing WordPress as your CMS. More than 30% websites out there are made and managed using WordPress which if you count the actual number turns out in millions. So, it is only natural if you choose this tool for creating your site.

This article is not going to take you through WordPress features and services, rather it will help to reduce your chances of making blunders and rookie mistakes while setting up your platform. And how do I know that, because I have made those mistakes and if I had known about this stuff earlier, I probably would’ve done things differently. 

So, stick with us till the end if you want to get the best out of your WordPress experience.

Below are main common mistakes to avoid while using WordPress

1. Not Keeping Up with The Software Updates

Updates in WordPress are not as same as are in your PC or in smartphone apps because they can work just fine even if you ignore them for a long time. In WordPress however, it is absolutely essential to update the tool because if you won’t then you are sure to face issues in your plugins and themes. They might not work properly or damage your content.

WordPress updates often remove bugs from the core program and make it more secure and efficient. So, always keep your CMS updated for the better results.

2. Not Paying Attention to the SEO

Now this is very important when it comes to having more traffic on your platform. If you want more people to visit your website and see your services and product then SEO is the only way you can achieve that.

SEO built in features of WordPress are available free for you and it would be unwise to not use these highly effective tools to have more people land on your platform. You can use the popular theme and plugins detectin tools like SEO Tools Centre WordPress theme and plugin detector to detect any website theme or plugins for free. After that, you can also purchase some premium SEO plugins and add them to your own site for the best experience. 

3. Speed and Performance Checking

If your site loads quickly and doesn’t take up much time, it is going to have more page views per session. People prefer the site that runs faster even on a relatively slow internet connection.

Now what causes your site to be slow is the use of excessive plugins and adding features not really necessary to the product you are offering. If you can avoid that, this will surely make your site faster and attract more traffic to your platform.

4. Ignoring Site Comments

These days website comment sections are one of the biggest targets of spammers. You need to be aware of who comments on the site and what the contents of that comment are. You can set up manual approval for comment sections, this way you will get an email each time someone posts something on your site, and you can choose to post that or not.

It is absolutely essential that you interact with the visitors on your site and answer their queries and also to make that process secure and spam free we suggest you spend sufficient time working on this aspect.

5. Not Backing Up Regularly

It is absolutely crucial to have a backup of your content from the site. Cloud storage is the most used and effective way to save your data. A website stores your data on server and if something is to happen to that server it would mean a complete loss of everything that you have worked on.

So, if you are not backing up your stuff or delaying it for some reason, it is better to do it right away. This way you won’t be starting from scratch even if you lose your content by server failure or a hacker attack.

6. Lack of Attention Towards Site Security

Keeping your site security maximum and making your content secure is the key for a successful online business. If you ignore this important aspect, then you might have a platform that is vulnerable to malware and hacking. This could cause a huge loss to your site traffic and consequently your business.

The main thing to make your WordPress site safe is by using its free provided security plugins. Paid plugins are usually preferred by more security conscious businesses.

Again, though the sites created on this tool are mostly out of danger but still you can’t be too careful and it’s better to add additional security features to your online platform.

Not Picking the Appropriate theme

This can lead to a lot of issues including fewer page views per session and bad site and plug-in coordination. Most site owners would focus more on the plugins and other features and less on the theme selection. But the truth is the site visitors mostly notice the theme first and if they feel that it is not helping them or the site is taking too long to load due to excessive plugins, they might lose interest fast.

Pick the themes by reading their reviews. This will save up your time and help you make the right decision. You can find premium WordPress themes and plugins at Srmehranclub. This website has the over 15,000 collection of themes and plugins that you can find and install on your WordPress website. 

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