7 Most Common MacBook Issues: Possible Causes and Solutions

macOS is one of the best operating systems in the world. It is widely used in different industries and so far has received impressive feedback from users. However, as with all gadgets, your MacBook is bound to lose its efficiency or have some performance issues over time. This can become really frustrating especially if you use your device on a daily basis. 


Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with these issues efficiently, so you do not have to worry about spending the big bucks for its repair and replacement cost. 


Below we have offered tons of suggestions and ways on how you can maintain your MacBook properly on a regular basis and solve some common performance problems.


  1. Slow Loading Speed


Slow loading speed is one of the most common issues that MacBook users deal with on a daily basis. With its gradual slowing down, it becomes difficult to pinpoint where the issue is. It makes you lose the efficiency of your device and makes the day a lot more frustrating. Here’s are some possible reasons for your  problem:


  • The macOS is outdated
  • Your MacBook desktop is cluttered 
  • The MacBook’s hard drive is full


By taking care of these issues efficiently, you can improve the speed of your MacBook significantly.


  1. Poor Battery Lifespan


Too many background applications and visual effects can lead to poor battery lifespan in your MacBook. You can check the Activity Monitor for background applications. It will help you know which processes require the most energy, memory, and GPU. There you should be able to make some changes to improve the lifespan of your battery. You can also improve it significantly by disabling the visual effects.


  1. Memory Leaks


Memory leaks are usually the result of your MacBook software starting to allocate your device memory where it shouldn’t go. Initially, it will not feel like such a problem but if you are letting your computer work continuously for hours, the performance issues are bound to happen. Luckily, you can deal with this effectively by restarting your MacBook every few hours.


  1. Poor Internet Connection


With portability as an added advantage, a wireless internet connection offers a great option for most MacBook owners. But at certain places in your home, you may find a weak connection. Ideally, in this situation, you should opt for an ethernet cable but if that is not possible and you are sticking with your wireless then you can make some adjustments to improve the connection. Such as, restarting your MacBook, disconnecting than connecting it, etc.


  1. Spinning Beach Ball


A spinning beach ball problem can make using your computer harder and to avoid the issue, you need to free up the resources of your system. The first step of that would be to close the background apps using your memory and declutter the desktop space on your computer. You should also check for malware for some cybersecurity threats to get the spinning beach ball issue under control. 


  1. Loud Fan Noise


The loud fan noise can generally be caused by too much dust inside the laptop. This issue should be taken care of by computer repair experts at Mac Repair by Ask Computers if you are not familiar with taking apart your device. Take your computer to your nearest and best-reviewed computer repair store and have it cleaned thoroughly.


  1. Flickering Screen


A flickering screen may not be a common problem with most Mac owners but it can certainly be really frustrating. The cause for this is pretty straightforward. It is when your operating system is not compatible with your graphics processing unit. To resolve this issue you should make sure at all times that your macOS is updated and you are using its current version. 


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