7 Best Ultimate Social Media Tips for Ecommerce Store

Are you searching to obtain the maximum out of your social media platforms and increase your reach and number of followers count?

You are at the right place!

For that, you have to become a detective! Not in the wrong way, let me explain. You have to follow the tracks of other eCommerce stores online. Carry out detailed information about what other organizations are doing and what you can do! This trick is always advantageous. It will help you get a comprehensive idea of their organic and paid marketing strategies.

On checking the need of the eCommerce business’s social media presence, it is reported that 87% of e-commerce buyer social media to encourage them to make a purchasing decision.

That’s why in this post we have shed light on the 7 Best Ultimate Social Media Tips for Ecommerce Store.

Let’s get going!

7 Best Ultimate Social Media Tips for Ecommerce Store

1. Link your social profiles on the website

First and foremost – ensure linking all of your social media profiles with your site.

It is not doing just that, you also have to be active on all of the social profiles mentioned on your website. Why is it important? if a user visits your linked LinkedIn account which has been inactive for ages he will not get any updated info of your store. He will not bother visiting other profiles too.

Linking such buttons doesn’t end the process. You need to make the registration process as easy as possible to improve the user’s experience. For that reason, integrate the Social Login Module for Magento 2. This plugin will make the registration simple as ABC.

So, social profile linking can also help you in the three main zones: 1) Link building 2) enhancing your overall digital appearance 3) Get the user interaction smooth and clean

2. Create And Share Top Notch Content

If advertising your product items is the sole thing you do on social profiles, then expect your inherent following to extinguish your posts and web pages real quick.

Social media platforms love pretty content. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter all show only the content that engrosses the user’s attention.

If you want to keep your visitors more engrossed, try creating impressive modified content.

Instead of just copying another website’s content, determine captivating topics and shape them into something appealing and best by far as against the original one. Over the longer term, this technique will be of great help.

3. Play the game of remarketing

Do you want to achieve two things at once? Target the retargeting or remarketing of ads. The best way to get the customers’ attention who visited your website to their social profiles.

Apart from just letting the customers view your amazing products in their social profiles, this tactic will also give the users a chance to follow you on the social profile as they view your advertisement.

Most online retailers today use the remarketing or retargeting technique. The ads shown on Facebook will not only compel them to shop for your product but also to like it. Similarly, the ads in the Instagram news feed will apart from giving a shop Now CTA can make the customers follow your account by tapping your username.

4. A Giveaway Contest is not a bad idea

Among the very best social media tips to grow your follower count is through running a giveaway contest.

Why? It’s simple: Everyone loves free products. So, when the audience enters into mass, your audience base skyrockets.

There are many apps that enable you to run a giveaway or host a contest. People can enter the contest by following your social profiles resulting in greater audience reach overall. To earn even greater reach, you can compel the audience to share your giveaway post on their social platforms.

5. Sticking to just standard Social networks won’t work

Be present on social channels apart from just the traditional ones.

Instead of only embracing the conventional channels like the other eCommerce retailers, be actively present on other online review websites, Q&A sites, and also on other less noticeable social media channels.

Before choosing a product to buy, 61% of buyers would want to read reviews of that product. So, being actively present on review networks is important.

This also does not make other platforms less important. They are equally important as the review sites. Especially the huge platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter since they grant services that you won’t be able to locate anywhere else.

6. Get Common Usernames for Your Social Accounts

Among the very important social media tips that can be attained very quickly and recommended to attain at the start of starting your business. This will make your customers know about all the platforms. This will also ensure consistency at all times. The customers can also easily jump from one social network to the other easily.

Despite that, if you already have a business on social platforms you must be knowing that not all platforms allow you to put a username of your choice. In that case, you can make minor modifications and make it look like your original business name.

7. Make use of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has become popularly in use since its inception. The food, travel, and fashion industries have already begun to enjoy the exceptional advantages of influence marketing.

Influencer marketing can be said as a replacement for conventional word of mouth marketing. The buying journey of people has changed with the increased usage and advent of social media and the internet.

But influencer marketing is not an easy gig. You have to be mindful in choosing the influencer. he/she should be an influencer of your niche. Moreover, before picking an influencer, it’s important to examine the honesty, trustworthiness, and reliability of that influencer.

Conduct influencer marketing in the below circumstances:

To carry out more engagement
When a new product is launching
To simply review your product
To run a whole campaign
To conduct an event and much more.

Summing It Up!

Beyond doubts, social media has grown as an indispensable medium in any digital marketer’s toolkit – particularly for eCommerce.

The above social media tips will be a pillar in making your eCommerce store’s social media fan base a hit one!

With a proper perception of the customer’s needs and requirements, an eCommerce store owner can definitely skyrocket their social media game.

Visitors are more interested in useful and quality content rather than mere self-promotion.


Also, experimenting will give you what performs the best. So, test out various things on your social media networks and give close attention to the insights with the highest reach.

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