6 Ways To Make Your Invoicing Process More Convenient For Your Business

Invoicing customers is one of the most important parts of running any B2B (and some B2C) operation. If your customers expect to receive invoices in order to pay you, then you should work to make the process as smooth and convenient as possible. Fortunately, the right software such as a Clover™ station pos bundle can help you get the job done easier.

1) Define a Set of Payment Methods

Having a limited set of payment methods can greatly simplify your invoice process. If your customers can pay any way they like, you will forever be figuring out how to process different payment types. So, select the ones that are easiest for everyone and specify them on your invoices. This doesn’t mean that you need to pick only one or two. If you have the right POS software, you can offer a number of choices. However, only pick ones that you are prepared for.

2) Keep Accurate Records

Always keep detailed records of your business dealings. This should include what people order, what has been delivered, what has been paid for and everything in between. Good recordkeeping will help you to stay on top of your invoices. It is easier when you have software that fits your business. If you run a mechanic’s shop, use auto repair invoice software rather than trying to just make do with something generic.

3) Always Give a Due Date

Give your customers a limited amount of time to pay by. For most B2B operations, this is 30 days. However, you can negotiate whatever terms work. If you let people wait as long as they like to pay up, they often will. Being specific helps both you and your customers to stay organized.

4) Decide on Invoice Regularity

Decide how often you intend to invoice your customers. In some cases, it may be right after an order. Alternatively, you may invoice them monthly for their orders. You should also decide whether you are okay with different terms for different customers. The regularity should fit your business. Fortunately, the right software can help here too. A franchise management POS will work best for a franchise whereas a restaurant POS will work better for a restaurant.

5) Talk With the Recipient

It can help to have a personal touch added. Simply talking to the person who will be receiving and processing the invoice can make a big difference. You don’t need to schmooze the person (although it often can’t hurt). However, simply knowing them will smooth out a lot of wrinkles that don’t need to be there.

6) Integrate From Order to Reporting

Finally, it is a good idea to integrate your full invoicing process. This should start at the customer placing an order and proceed through to generating sales reports. It should include setting up work orders, invoicing, accepting payment and recording transactions. With the right POS, this can be easy.

Get Started With the Right Software

Learn more about simplifying your invoice process today. With the right software, it can be easier than ever to run a productive and profitable business.

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