6 Creative Ways to Add Color in a Small Space

It’s easy to overlook the small space in your home and think that it doesn’t need any attention. It’s likely you’ve already given a lot of thought to how you’re going to decorate your living room or bedroom, but what about those rooms that seem like afterthoughts? Here are six creative ways to add color into a small space:

  1. Paint Your Cabinets in Fun Colors

When you think of adding color to a small space, cabinets may not immediately occur to you. However, painting existing cabinets is an easy way to add fun colors without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on new kitchen cabinets. If you have cabinets with glass doors, be sure to remove all utensils before starting this project. Before you begin, remove the hardware on the cabinet door as well; it is usually held only with screws under the knob or handle (or it can simply be slid off).

  1. Painting the Outside of the Kitchen Appliances

The colors of kitchen appliances are usually not the first thing that comes to mind when decorating, but they can really help to refresh your small space. If you have stainless steel appliances, you can easily paint them with chalk paint for extra durability.

  1. Independent Painting of Cabinet Doors

If you have wooden cabinets, painting them can take a long time because of all the internal shelves and corners also need to be painted, but if you want your kitchen to stand out, it’s worth the effort. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to hand-painting cabinet doors; otherwise, you can always hire interior designers in Mumbai if you need professional help.

  1. Exterior Painting of Furniture

If you can afford it, painting furniture outside is the best option to make your kitchen unique. Instead of buying new furniture, this technique can make your old stuff look like brand new. You can make furniture look amazing with a little bit of thought and attention to detail.

  1. Paint on the Floors

The floors of your kitchen can add a lot of value to your interior design and enhance the look and feel of the whole space. The same way as you would paint an accent wall or sofa in different colors to add life to an area, painting floors are one way to change up your home without spending much money.

  1. Painting Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are another big piece of furniture that can dramatically change the look of your kitchen if painted in different colors. If you’re working with natural light, it would be great to paint the light fixtures with shades of green.


Small spaces can often feel crowded without additional decorating ideas. However, adding color and personality to the space is the key to balance it out and make it look larger and more welcoming. Hopefully you can use some of these suggestions to liven up your small room; there’s no limit to how you can add color in a small space.

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