5 Tools to Assist You With Staying Connected During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Everything is turning upside down during this pandemic time. You suppose that news channels would be making a fortune, but people are slowly starting to stop watching them. How much bad news can one absorb? During such times, staying connected with your loved ones and having some form of social interaction are the only things that will prevent people from being driven into insanity. This is the need of the hour rather than recreation now. 

Getting good suggestions is difficult these days. Accessibility and the number of apps are both high and everyone has a different experience. If this is why you have come upon this blog, you are at the right place. We try to provide you with details of the app to the best of our knowledge and be as brief and helpful as possible.  

Hindi Keyboard App

Bringing generations together and bridging the gap between towns and villages, the Hindi keyboard APK is doing its best to keep people connected during the pandemic. Hindi typing has become very simple with it, which is why most grandparents, for whom English typing was difficult, have been able to start texting now. As for the young ones, they find Hindi typing difficult, hence the English to Hindi conversion keyboard or the Hinglish keyboard allows them to have conversations with their grandparents. It also reminds them of their rich culture, heritage, and language. 

Speaking of culture, the Hindi keyboard app has hundreds of Hindi stickers that people can use to greet, congratulate, or other things that will make your conversations way more dynamic than mere texts. You might ask how these things are helping people be connected? There are inter-state couples who are miles apart. Personalized avatars and GIFs help them cope with each other’s absence. People are trying to find happiness in the smallest of things. Businesses are using the Hindi keyboard app to be more connected to their customers. 

Somewhere in rural Varanasi, the quotes on the Hindi keyboard app are inspiring a young boy. A teenager who just broke up might be feeling solace reading the deep Shayaris that the Hindi keyboard app provides. After a hectic day of work, the hilarious jokes on the keyboard make a person lighten their mood. Hindi typing keyboard connects people to their emotions and helps them cope with them. 

The Hindi keyboard app also understands its social responsibility and has direct links to Covid-resources. Vaccination registration, latest news, and updated restrictions, the keyboard brings everything under one roof. All this makes it the best Hindi keyboard on Android.


Available across devices and around the world, Whatsapp is a success story in itself. It has changed the way we message and is one of the reasons for the growth of messaging. There is no doubt that Whatsapp has brought the Chatting culture to India since before this Google Hangouts and Facebook required a profile to be set up. Whatsapp is a great way to message, call, or video chat with basically anyone. Whatsapp is also used as a chatbot and business-consumer interaction. Whatsapp has emojis, stickers, GIFs to keep your chats interesting. Watch and reply to people’s status, update your display pictures and share your stories to Facebook through Whatsapp.  


Discord is a streaming, voice-call, and community-building software, and has seen major growth in the last two years. Discord is used by influencers, streamers to be in constant touch with their followers. Discord is an extremely fast application making it very useful for streaming and voice calls. It is especially popular amongst the younger generation which uses it for everything – group study, movie nights, and LAN gaming. Discord is free but also has its premium subscription called Nitro account with some more exclusive features like higher streaming rate, animated avatars, etc. Discord’s UI is not at all formal giving it a casual and positive vibe. 


With more than 30,000+ video games, 90 million active users, and social features like friends lists and in-game message and voice chat capabilities, Steam is one of the best online gaming services. With no subscription fee and online multiplayer games ranging from as little as Rs 100 to more than Rs 4000, it’s a great option for friends who want to play a game together — no matter your budget. Steam also offers Remote Play Together, which allows you to share a game you’re playing at home with up to four friends remotely. This feature streams video, audio, and voice between players, making it even easier to hop on and play with your friends. Steam relies heavily on the community and submissions of game-related content even find their way into the game. Some couples first met on steam and players who played together on LAN and are now professionals. Steam continues to grow with the main focus on building sustainable gaming communities. 

Netflix Party

By synchronizing playback and offering a group-chats feature, Netflix Party is a free Google Chrome extension that makes watching movies and TV with your friends easy and fun again. Keep in mind you can only use Netflix Party in Chrome browsers on desktops and laptops. If you have a Chromecast device, you may be able to cast your screen to your TV.

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