5 Tips on How to Study for the MCAT

If you are a medical aspirant and wish to pursue medicine in the United States, Australia, Canada or Caribbean Islands, you might have heard about MCAT. If no, you are in the right place to acquire all relevant information that might help you secure admission to the top medical school in the world.

So, let us begin with the full form of MCAT. The term ‘MCAT’ stands for the Medical College Admission Test. Conducted by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), MCAT plays a crucial role in creating a positive impact on the medical school application of students. Applicants willing to study medicine in the above-listed destinations are required to take the MCAT to prove their qualifications and preparedness for medical universities.

All you need to know about MCAT

The MCAT is a computer-based, multiple-choice test required by medical schools in the US, Canada or Caribbean to get admission. It measures the content knowledge of applicants in core subjects, such as General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and General Biology, among others. Besides this, it also checks the critical analysis and reasoning skills of medical applicants. Notably, the MCAT scores of applicants decide medical schools for them. Thus, it is crucial to score well in the MCAT to make it to some top medical schools.

As there is stiff competition among medical applicants and low acceptance rates in the US or Canada, they prefer studying medicine at the top medical university in Caribbean Island. Since the MCAT is regarded as one of the most challenging examinations for a medical applicant, we will provide you five tips to crack it easily.

Five tips to crack MCAT

  • Understand the MCAT

Prior to appearing in the examination, applicants need to understand the MCAT comprehensively. One of the toughest exams has been a part of the admission process in medical schools for over 90 years now. So, understand its importance and learn its syllabus to crack it efficiently.

  • Learn the exam format

The AAMC publishes the MCAT guide every year for aspiring medical students. Therefore, students can find the guide on the official website of AAMC. The test is conducted in four sections and contains 230 multiple-choice questions. The total duration of the exam is 6 hours 15 minutes.

  • Start preparing early

According to AAMC, an applicant must spend between 300 and 350 hours to prepare well for the MCAT. Although it depends on your skills and stamina, preparing for the exam in advance can help you identify weaknesses and correct them.

  • Develop test strategies

As the MCAT exam takes more than 6 hours to complete, building stamina to sit for such a long duration is essential. Students are given 95 minutes each for three sections and 90 minutes separately for the analysis and reasoning section. So, applicants must take at least ten full-length practice tests before their final exam day.

  • Manage time effectively

Make a routine and stick to it. Time management skills are definitely going to help you in your exams. It can provide an edge over others during the exam. Additionally, you will be able to complete the test within the given time duration and get time to revise the paper before submitting it.

Always remember these five tips to crack the MCAT successfully. You must know that the medical colleges in the Caribbean provide second chances to students with average MCAT scores. So, don’t worry and give your best in the exam!

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