5 Shed Accessories You Can’t Live Without

For most people, a garden shed is a dark, dirty place acting as a dumping ground and one part of their home that is often neglected. Without a proper organizational system, it is difficult to find and access stored items when needed. However, an open, clean, and organized shed makes navigating and finding any required items easier. Shed accessories help customize your shed and turn a standard shed into a more functional, economical, and secure workspace. There are those added extras that you never think of buying or installing, but once you have them, you can’t live without. 


They are easy to install, and you can buy as many as you want to create a workspace you can enjoy and get comfortable in. Here are five shed accessories to maximize space and transform your shed into a highly useful place.

Shelving Unit

If you don’t have any shelves in your shed, consider starting with them. From free standing to fixed to the beams, any kind of shelving will help increase your storage space. Make use of your shelves by organizing them according to their bulkiness to avoid accidents and what is used the most. Put mostly used items within easy reach, rarely used items at the top level, and bulky items at floor level. To avoid confusion, try naming objects, especially if you use containers to store tiny pieces of hardware such as nails, screws, and bolts.

Tool Rack

Garden tools such as hoes, pitchforks, rakes, and shovels can form a massive pile on the floor if not properly organized. These tools end up getting damaged, getting lost, or at times causing injury when moving in and out of the shed. Installing a tool rack or a tool organizer can help keep them out of the way. With a wide selection range to choose from, from large tool racks to peg boards, you can never lack the right accessory to fit in your tools. 

Shed Skylights

A dark and gloomy shed is likely to be the last place you would want to work in. Without air conditioning, working can be less fun and less comfortable. Installing shed skylights in your garden shed is a great way to improve lighting and ventilation. You get to choose from a wide selection of skylights that can be opened manually or electrically, and you can easily install them by yourself.


A rainy day can hinder work, especially if you don’t have a working bench in your shed. If your shed is large enough, consider adding a work bench that provides a surface for you to stand and work on. You can build your workbench or purchase one that meets your needs.

Alarm System

While you want to house your expensive gardening equipment in your storage shed, why not maximize your security. Look for shed alarms that are easy to assemble and install. All you have to do is punch in your four-digit security code, and you are ready to go.


These essential shed accessories are a must-have in your storage shed. Besides maximizing security and functionality, they also increase your storage space, allowing you to store even large bulky items. In turn, you are sure to enjoy your storage shed for many years to come.


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