5 Great Apps For A Better Life

Surely you have often thought that the way of life can be changed somehow. You can improve your existence, make it more saturated, full, and healthy. You can start right now because the main assistant is already in your hands. Many everyday tasks today can be assigned to a smartphone, the main thing is to install the right applications. Which ones? Read on apppearl.

Here are 5 great apps that will help you solve a variety of life problems.


If Todoist, Wunderlist, and other task managers seem overloaded with unnecessary functions, then try Minimalist. As the name suggests, everything is minimalistic and simple. Design helps you focus on what’s important.

There are two main functions — you can make a to-do list and cross it out when you’re done. You can also assign events and create shopping lists. Hints pop up on a white background. When you complete all the cases, you will be rewarded with a cute picture for the main screen. If you like the screensaver, you can save it.

There is also a focus mode function with a timer. While the birds are singing to you, you need to focus on the task at hand.


Habitica will turn your life into a role-playing game with knights, dragons, and elixirs. First, make a list of your daily tasks, good and bad habits. Then mark their completion.

When you do something useful, you will get experience points and game gold. The more you collect, the faster you will move to new levels, buy rewards and equipment for your hero. And if you give up, miss daily tasks, or do something from the negative list, then you will lose health points.

When you get a taste, you can join collective quests with other users. The app has gathered a large community around it.


Do you read this text from your phone? Are you holding it right, or leaning low over the screen? Are your legs tucked up too? You might want to install an app that uses the gyroscope on your phone to keep an eye on you.

Periodically, it will remind you by vibrating or blurring the image about your posture and how to sit properly. The recommendations are strict. Smartposture will ask you to hold your phone at eye level so as not to strain your neck. The app also worries about your back, legs, and lower back.

Google Lens

The object recognition feature was added to smartphones not too long ago. And now it is available in a separate application. Artificial intelligence can detect different objects that fall into the camera lens. According to the developers, with this technology, you can learn more about the world around you.

Point your phone at an interesting house and you will find out which architect built it; point at a dog — you will find out its breed; direct at a blouse — you will find out in which store you can buy it.

The program also opens up a lot of interesting opportunities. For example, you can make a new contact in the phone book by taking a photo of a business card. Or you can connect to Wi-Fi in a public place by simply scanning a sign with a username and password.


This is a non-standard way to communicate with loved ones at a distance. The app allows you to send drawings and notes directly on top of your phone’s lock screen.

You can invite your friends to join the app via email, Facebook, or SMS. Once they install it, LokLok will replace the lock screen. Draw visual messages directly on the screen saver, and they will immediately appear for the entire group or individual friends. Anyone can comment on the images, supplement or re-send them .hey are not saved anywhere, and when erased, they disappear forever, like Stories.



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