5 Biggest Dilemmas the Internet Faces in the Modern World!

Over the last two decades, the Internet has been the most essential element of every young and old’s life. One cannot just complete the simplest of tasks without consulting internet. It will not be wrong to say that we are too dependent on internet and cannot imagine our routines without it. Be it work, studies, online shopping or entertainment we all are bound to internet for all our activities.

Internet being the superhero for all of us still is not perfect at the end of the day. It has its own problems that are rising with the demand of internet increasing every minute. Here are five biggest dilemmas internet is facing in today’s world:

Data Security

Data security concerns are raising with the advancement in technology and in the way in which businesses, organizations and consumers use that technology. With huge amount of data used, uploaded and stored online, there are more risks of breaching that data. However, everyday organizations and companies are coming up with new security checks to keep their data saved, there are international guidelines proposed to ensure protection of customers privacy, data protection and security still is one of the biggest threat that internet faces in modern world. Biometrics and enhance encryptions are there to save the day but not all the businesses and organizations have incorporated it yet.

Over dependency on Major Corporations

With the Pandemic hitting us, there has been a rapid increase in work from home and hence putting a huge load on Internet service providers. Verizon, Comcast, AT&T, Time Warner, or CenturyLink are few names providing high-speed internet services. As the demand rises, the consumers are also bound to accept their altered prices and package plans. From working within the boundaries of our home, many people face issues with their internet connections due to huge load on our devices. To help us with these problems AT&T customer service have trained staff working 24/7 on board to cater with our problems. Because customer service is one way for these companies to deal with the ever increasing demand from the consumers.

Concerns with Censorship

Censorship has always been one of the biggest concerns on the internet. Censorship takes place at the government level. These concerns include content that can cause cyber bullying, cyber racism, gender based discrimination etc. Despite of having strict laws enforced with censorship, somehow the forbidden content still shows up every now and then. It is because of the tools like, Proxy, VPN, Secure Browsers makes it easily for people to access all the information and share it online. Even though censorship authorities effectively filter all the content that goes online on different platform, the unfiltered one still gets streamed sometimes.

General Availability

One of the biggest advantage Internet provide is to help us connect with the people all over the world. We have always heard that Internet has turned world into a global village. However, sadly even today many areas of the world do net have general access to the best internet services. Only countries like United States and Japan enjoys the benefits of having fastest internet connections.  In majority of African, countries like Chad, Niger and Somalia, only one percent of the total population have access to internet and internet speed still varies from country to country. The Internet still has a long way to go before everyone has an equal access to it. The more people have access from all around the world, the cultural acceptance will increase which will help us to grow further.

Increase in Cyber Crimes

As if every good thing has its down sides somewhere, cyber-crimes are the down sides of the Internet. As a lives are becoming more dependant and transparent on the Internet its opening up big opportunities for hackers. For instance, we live in this era of technology where we love the idea of E-shopping and online transactions. With this, our credit/debit card details and e-wallets information is all-online and it has made us vulnerable to threats of being hacked or stolen. Cybercriminals takes advantage of wider access to internet.  As the technology is improving, more innovative cyber-crime hacks are coming forward. To fight this dilemma, internet needs to educate its consumers to work more wisely by choosing stronger passwords and protecting their devices by limiting them to personal access only.

Summing it up

We consider Internet as very progressive and powerful, which it actually is. However, there still are many problems attached to it. Issues such as privacy, security and equal accessibility must be addressed. These issues revolving internet needs serious attention for the betterment and security of its users. From higher authorities to general public everyone needs to participate in overcoming these issues. Because a better internet world ensures a better future for everyone.

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