5 Best Ways to Destroy a Hard Drive With No One Knowing

If you’ve been in business for a long time, you know keeping up with the computer or technology is the key to prosperity. That means either your tool will get blemish or you must replace it with a newer device. You’ll finish as having hard drives hanging around that turn into a ticking bomb. Before destroying your hard drive, ensure that you have restored the data from your drive or if you don’t know how to restore, then contact a hard drive recycling expert or company. 

There are many causes you would want to destroy your hard drive. But for most individuals, it’s for data security. Our device contains sensitive information like credit card details, password and many more personal information. You wouldn’t want these in the wrong situation.

What do you do when you’re changing your tool, and you need your files erased for security? Here are the best five ways to destroy a hard drive for your security purpose.

You need to demolish data properly, and there are five easy methods of removing it from hard drives. Which way should you follow?

Many people have fascinating ideas about how to destroy a hard drive. Some include going out to a distant location and throwing the hard drive, while others suggest microwaving the device.

Let’s look at what five methods work perfectly, and which ones are best for you.



To annihilate data, you need to use data-shredding software. This software doesn’t just delete data – they overwrite it many times to erase all ways, making it nearly impossible for anyone to retrieve it. 

There is much software for performing deep clean, such as Eraser. The program works into Windows and should target your folders where you placed files, videos, photos and documents.


  • Hard Drive Shredding


Hard drive shredding is one of the finest significant effective ways to destroy a hard drive. It involves running the drive through an instrument known as a shredder which cuts it into mini bits. Since hard drives depot data on a platter, cutting it into small pieces renders the drive and any data worthless. Some shredders also shorten the shredded material into compact forms for disposal. This method could entice because the machinery used is less costly than most shredders.


  • Physical Hard Drive Destruction


There are plenty of ways to demolish a hard drive physically. One of the simplest and most cost-effective DIY ways to destroy a hard drive is to crush it with a significant object. A sledgehammer will do wonders; however, you’ll be able to use any item which will cause significant harm to the platters. You would like to form it very exhausting or just not viable for anyone to recover any data from the damaged drive. Burning the drive might also cause vital harm to its essential parts. 


  • Deleting and Reformatting


Deleting files is the go-to technique of removing data from a desktop, but sadly, it does not permanently delete the data from your hard drive. These processes eliminate the capability for the average person to allocate the data, but experts like IT professionals can still recover it, and so can cybercriminals. Deleting and reformatting simply isn’t sufficient to get the job done.


  • With a Magnet


Removing all the data on your hard drive can be important, especially if you have private data that you do not want to be getatable. Simply formatting a hard drive will not destroy it. To ensure that your data has been erased properly, you’ll ruin your drive with a magnet. A hard drive has three major parts, including a magnetic platter that reserves data on the hard drive. 

There are many more innovative ways that you can demolish a hard drive, like setting it on fire, cutting it up with a saw. 


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