Everyday Things You Didn’t Know You Can Use To Prank Other People

Modern problems do not necessarily require modern solutions. As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to hit the world, we are forced to stay at the comfort of our homes, and that’s only if you are lucky enough! A good prankster knows this for a fact that it is not compulsory to spend tens to hundreds of dollars to be able to pull an effective prank.

Some of us just need to be creative enough to think outside of the box. If you are left with little to no choice but to stick with the resources you currently have at hand, fret not because we are here to give you prank ideas from everyday things you have lying around.

But before we proceed in using these everyday things to prank other people. You need to first consider a few things. Number one, you have to make sure that the thing you are about to use as a pranking weapon is either already a spare or of little to no worth.

One of the few mistakes careless pranksters make is using things that are still valuable, which leads them to worst case scenarios. You don’t want that to happen to you, do you?

One more thing worth noting and considering is whether or not the thing you are about to use as a prank medium belongs to you or not. To avoid the hassle and future inconveniences, always make sure that it belongs to you. Of course, we don’t want to be owing anyone anything, right?

Now that you’re all set to become the Most Resourceful Prankster of the Year, let’s hop on to our list of everyday things you didn’t know you can use to prank other people!


Who would have thought that a good and innocent bar of soap could be used to pull a playful prank? Pranksters, of course! Don’t worry, whatever brand you use at home can be used to do these soap pranks ideas we are about to tell you. First is the Non-Bubbly Soap prank.

soap prank

To do this, you simply have to coat the soap in your bathroom with clear nail polish so it will not bubble and lather the next time someone uses the soap. Another prank ideas you could pull off is the Bloody Soap prank.

The idea here is simple: you want your friends or family to think that the soap lathers red-colored bubbles. To do this, you just have to coat the soap with a red marker. You know what happens next!


On top of our list of classic but effective pranks is the Sugar Prank, which can be done only if you have an extra bag of salt lying around in your pantry. For this basic prank, you only have to do a few things. No, really, you only need to do one thing: replace your jar of sugar with iodized salt (so it looks like white sugar)! The next morning someone from your family decides to make a cup of hot coffee, it will surely make them annoyed first thing in the morning. Do this only if you are prepared to get an earful from your mom or dad.

Salt prank

If you feel like the Sugar pranks ideas is a little too basic for you, fret not because we have another one for you. For this next pranks called Salty Toothbrush, you need to take your victim’s handy-dandy toothbrush, and soak it in salty water. The next time they use their toothbrush, it will certainly take them a minute or two to finally realize that it is their toothbrush that is salty and not their mouths!


For this next everyday item, there definitely are a lot of things you can do with it but we are only going to list the best ones for you. We added this on our list of everyday things you can use to prank other people because we are sure that if not all, almost everybody has a smartphone. With its handful of available features for you to play around with, it definitely is sure to make you an instant prankster!

A smartphone prank ideas is not a smartphone prank if you don’t pull a prank call off. We suggest you try some of the basics first before diving deep into phone call pranks for pros. For beginners, you might want to try using these lyric prank songs from Ownage Pranks whenever you want to prank call your loved ones. This is really useful especially if you are struggling to find the right words to say or just want to express anything through song lyrics.

Smartphones prank

Last but definitely not the least on pranks ideas you can do using your smartphones is the Auto-correct Prank. It is a known fact that switching innocent words into something hilarious or embarrassing will surely bring fun to your life. Try replacing “hi” or “hello” with hilarious phrases such as “I shat my pants.” or “9-1-1 Emergency: I am dumb!” and watch as your dumbfounded friend carelessly hits send. 


While we are already at it, the advancement of technology definitely made our lives easier AND definitely opened the huge door of pranking opportunities. Just like smartphones, our laptops and computers have a lot of amazing features available for you to work around with. All you need to have is a pranking mindset and you are definitely on your way to becoming the Most Geeky Computer Prankster on the planet!

Here’s an ingenious idea for you, what if the space bar actually types SPACE instead of the real ‘space’? They will surely be confused for a good five minutes with this evil prank ideas. 

Smartphones prank

Alright, here’s what you have to do: just make a new AutoHotKey script and type in these codes:



What these codes do is they hide the tray icon and set up a hotkey for replacing the text. Geeky but fun, right?

Oh, are you suspicious of what your kids might be doing on the Internet with their computers or laptops? We have a list of best spy software for computer to monitor your teens online you can check right now!

School Glue

Last on the list of everyday things you can use to prank other people is nothing but a good old school glue. If you have a kid, you probably have this lying around your home. You might think that they are only used to create school projects like arts and crafts but you can definitely use it to play a fun but harmless prank on other people!

Nothing beats a timeless Coin Stuck On The Floor prank. To be able to execute this prank, you only need to stick a coin on the floor using a school glue (so it can be easily removed once done) and watch what happens next as your victim tries to pick it up from the ground.

School Glue prank

Alright, alright, we are going to give you ONE MORE pranks ideas using school glue. For this next pranks ideas called Fake Spill, you need to be able to fool your victim into thinking they spilled any liquid that is in their cups. To do this, you need to make any drink, like coffee, using glue and put it in any cup.

Wait for it to harden and once done, place it on the table (preferably on a workspace) and act as if you accidentally spilled whatever’s in it, only to find out that it doesn’t flow! 

You’ve reached the end of our list of everyday things you didn’t know you can use to prank other people. We hope you enjoyed trying these out as much as we had fun compiling it. Good luck, little prankster!

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