4 Tips To Follow Before Buying A Gift

Universal gift cards are a new option in Australia, but many of what you’d call ‘traditional’ gifts. Gifting kids was never a big deal; they love anything as long as it is wrapped. But what happens to older people, young adults, and middle-aged adults? One can never know what they want or what they will need.

Books can be great gifts, but what if they already have a copy of what was picked? Clothes are also great. One can know the person’s favourite brand, favourite colour, and maybe even the exact type of outfit their friend might love. But the sizing comes into play. What if what one brought is too big or too small? What if the shop doesn’t do returns, exchanges, and refunds? There’s also the considerable doubt of whether they like it or not. What if they don’t but try to lie and hide the fact? Would that jeopardize the relationship?

Let the gifting marathon begin. What happens in this marathon is the continuous attempts to come up with gifts for adults, but unfortunately, constantly failing.

What Do They Like?

One might take literature in college but dislike novels, work in an office but hate beautifully custom briefcases. A young mom might hate a self-care kit even though they need it most of the time. And additionally, adults are financially stable most of the time. Hence they buy things they like or need for themselves by themselves. So how does one find out what their loved ones want?

Already Know What They Like?

Now the first question is, ‘Is this affordable?’. For example, one might have a broken laptop and plan to buy one. But it can be expensive for one to give. An idea could be to split the cost among a group of friends so that no one goes broke! But what to do if such splitting options are unavailable? Is spending so much on a gift worth it?

Homemade Gifts? Gifting One’s Time and The Trend of ‘It’s All About The Intention’?

A new world trend, especially among Australia’s youth, is the idea of giving something personal.  In times of such busy schedules, younger and older people love the idea of spending time with their loved ones. Of course, that doesn’t mean booking a resort as a gift, but it’s about giving time literally.

So the major question is, does this count as a gift enough? Or, for whom is this an ideal gift? Very close relations, such as parents, siblings, or best friends, would truly understand what gifting time means. The relationship has already made such gifts a normal and happy thing to receive. But think about gifting a not-so-close friend? Or a colleague from work? Well, if one still wants to stick to the idea of ‘personal’, a handmade gift might be great. Paintings to cards decorated with quilling work all talk about the time to make something, thus making them special gifts. Unfortunately, they might need one to know skills or artistic knowledge.

Are Gift Cards the New Trend?

Gift cards are essentially cards loaded with a set amount of money that one’s loved ones can spend. A universal gift card is one such example of a practical gift. This solves most of the problems mentioned above, such as not knowing what to buy or how much to spend. The money limit is set to your affordability by a gift card, but the gift can be anything they want in that money range.

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