4 things no man should wear on a first date

The first date is always a stressful experience; you are excited about the potentially deadly combination of adrenaline, becoming fascinating stress, and hope to be placed, with the additional danger of being fascinated by coffee or drinking. Naturally, therefore, the last thing you need to worry about is the type of style sheet.

1. “Lively” T-shirt

If you are the kind of an individual who buys actual money in a tourist trap in central London, you need to stop now.
Any slogan or image printed on your chest that needs to be proved by “relax, this is just a joke” will be a detour.
This rule is magnified when the shirt in question is even a bit misogynistic or creepy. So save your “FBI: Female Body Examiner” and “Sex Instructor: First Lesson Free” design Used for house painting, you know, to light a campfire when you are short.
We want to say that any T-shirt with a slogan should be banned, even those that say “Collect flowers don’t fight”. Bottom line: It should be yourself, not your shirt. Just like the best10 mm pistols need to long-lasting rather than of a shiny color.

What to wear

The main goal on a first date is not to scare (or offend) his date from the beginning. So instead of choosing a slogan T-shirt or any vivid bright print, choose a shirt in subtle colors such as white or sky blue; this is the perfect middle ground to avoid dressing too elegantly or casually.

2. Bare ankle

Controversial, maybe, but in the dating world, the lower limbs are Marmite, so it’s best to proceed with caution and cover them with all Victorian clothes when you first meet.
An ankle without socks may remind one of the following two different images: strongly split sports socks-a kind of clothing, yes, it may be essential, but you can never describe it as sexy.
Or, your date may assume that you are shocked and did not wear socks. Since this is the first date and they don’t know how thorough their hygiene habits are, it can be regarded as an indicator of toe tension. It’s not good to have a slight foot smell for your date.
Save the flare of the outer ankle for later days. Now that you have heard us, these days are more likely to happen.

What to wear

It depends on the shoes you choose; if you are a fashionable guy wearing a pair of brogues, match it with flashing socks. On the other hand, if you like sneakers, then stockings are your friend. Another tip for short men, wear socks of the same color as the pants. It will provide you with the illusion of longer legs and enhance your overall silhouette.

3. Your work clothes

Although dating can quickly fill you with the same overwhelming anxiety as a job interview, remember that this is not a time. The entire experience should be fun, and if possible, you should feel (or at least appear to be) relaxed, rather than sitting there fiddling with the tie that has been tied since 9 am.
Of course, it is not always necessary to change clothes before going home after leaving work if it is a weekday. However, to keep your date from feeling like you’re not well dressed, or looking a bit stiff, show some cunning and do some tailoring at the table.

What to wear instead of

You can drastically change your perception of clothing with a few minor changes. For example, a beautiful T-shirt or light crew-neck sweater can replace a shirt and tie, and a sharp pair of sneakers can be a game-changer.

4. Too Much Aftershave

We’ve all seen those television commercials where a man emerges from asthma-causing body spray and is greeted by a hundred objects of desire. Who doesn’t want to believe that solid aromas can produce this effect?
However, many do the opposite and make their date cough and splash when running for the hills. Preparing for your date night should be subtle. I’ve done too much with perfumes and unconsciously said, “I’m too lazy to take a bath, so I’m covering my musk.”
As we said before, please don’t give them a chance to question your hygiene. After all, the first date is when you should at least pretend that you are a good kind of gentleman.

What to wear

You want your date to come over and hear your scent instead of sitting there and mouth breathing. Choose a fragrance that makes you comfortable, and ask better questions for great conversation. Spray on each wrist or bicep, and sprinkle on the depression of each collarbone.
Hence, these are the 4 things no man should wear on a first date.

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