19 Precision Polishing Pads You Should Know About.

The selection of the best precision polishing pad demands understanding and expertise. Tech Polishing is therefore operating a processing laboratory for methods for the machining of client components. It is advisable to consult Tech Polishing with the application information before selecting a particular polishing pad to utilize our knowledge to determine the Pad most suitable.

Precision polishing pads are supplied in various capacities and are constructed from many materials, including metallography, petrographic, fiber-optical, etc. some precision polishing pads are given in detail;

Pellon – A highly costly substance for general coating of metals when the surface quality is not exceptionally accurate, stiff, and somewhat durable.

Highest Polyurethane – an extended life pad polishing polyurethane. Excellent with aluminum or ultrafine silica finishing. Offered exclusively with the PSA support.

ASF Kemet – a mid-priced fabric laminated in woven artificial silk with a compressible substance for backup. The Pad can be used for highly elevated, rugged. Free mirror finishes on metal and ceramic components that do not have a problem with edge rounding.

ASFL Kemet – A moderate-priced fabric of synthetic silk bonded in a sturdy, light background. These pads can be used to make the surface roughness of metal and ceramic elements ultrahigh free of scratches when rounding is unacceptable for edges.

Suba 500 — A moderate-priced high-precision polyurethane impregnated substance used in high-precision material removal polishing. Plated memory disk, alumina, tungsten, silicon, ceramics, glass, and plastic, are common uses.

Polyurethane – Astiff, microcellular foam treated with abrasive cerium oxide. This quite rough Pad is used mainly for polishing glasses in which accurate flatness is needed.

Silk – suitable for raw diamond polishing. Great for cold materials like coal and petrographic. Only with a simple backrest available.

NTR – The optimal usage with a six-micro diamond and more delicate finishing cloth. PSA backing only available.

100% Pure Wool – Micro LP. Suitable for mids and finished diamond or alumina polishing phases. Offered exclusively with PSA support

ASR – Artificial silk placed on stiff support. The most satisfactory diamond results were achieved. Offered exclusively with PSA support

Nylon: Napless tissue nylon offers a good finish on most surfaces. Great for smoothness and preservation of the edge. Displayed with PSA support.

PAN-W – Napless, textile unwoven. Great for the keeping of flatness and edge. Offered exclusively with the PSA support.

Velpol – a fine velvet nap. Recommended with diamond, aluminum, or colloidal silicon final polishing. Offered exclusively with the PSA support.

Fine Short Synthetic – fabric of high density, short napped. Excellent for diamond and silica final polishing.

Red  Felt – It is 100% wool. Used on a broad range of materials. Recommended for diamond polishing final or immediate.

Heavy Nylon – Hard woven fabric pad utilised in the polycrystalline diamond replacement of some harsh grinding processes.

Fine Wool – 100 percent wool fabric. Finer tissue with diamond for ultimate precision polishing.

Satin – long-lasting synthetic silk fabric used for the mid and last cleaning of diamonds

Brown Final – Strong, short synthetic nap used with diamond or alumina for final polishing

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