155 Salesforce Interview Question with Answers [2021]

The contribution of Salesforce to the CRM industry is unrivalled. It was never thought that a CRM would offer cloud offering. Salesforce has been moving into every field of business. It has caused a revolution in the industry of CRM which was just unbelievable. The demand has raised high in number day by day. Many candidate wants to get job in the field of Salesforce. They have to pass the interview which is the golden key to have a career in Salesforce. Listed below are the Salesforce Interview Questions that will surely help a candidate to pass the interview.

Salesforce Interview Question and Answers


  • Define Dashboard in Salesforce.


The process of representing a data in the format of visual attractive form which can ve termed as salesforce dashboard. While using the salesforce dashboard, collection of 20 reports are made visible. Sync contact data, manage deal flow and automate your sales pipeline in Salesforce. Create new rows, search and update them in Google Sheets. Do much more by google sheets salesforce integration.


  • Mention some of the actions in workflow.


The actions in workflow are divided into 4 categories. They are:

  1. Outbound message
  2. Email alert
  3. Task
  4. Field update


  •  What does it mean by lookup relationship?


Everyone must have come across a bridge in their lifetime. The chief function of a bridge is to connect from one end to another. Similarly, in Salesforce when any two objects are being linked to each other through a medium it is known as lookup relationship.


  • What is minipage in Salesforce?


Minipage layout usually acts like the replacement for the layout of a page that is already present in Salesforce. Presence of this minipage layout will lead to the visibility of field access setting, profile association and record type.


  • How to inline edit in the Salesforce?


For inline editing, one has to go to the detail page and then skip the edit button from clicking it. Then the particular field can be edited.


  • Define the enhanced list view.


The procedure by which the modification of records can be done are known as enhanced list view. During the modification process, there will be many records that ought to belong from the same record type.


  • Explain the lead process.


An object is the collection of field. In Lead object, the values are needed ti be decided by statuary field. This method is known as lead process. After the activation of lead process, one is allowed to create record for the lead object.


  • What is sales and support process?


Sales process is the method in which the values are being picked up from a stage field to create the opportunity object. The process by which a record type is created to control the opportunity object is known as support process.


  • Define Public group.


The group that can be termed as public group when anyone wants to be added for random ownership to the object is known as public group.


  • What is Salesforce?


The platform which is responsible to take care of the business needs of an individual is known as Salesforce. In this, the software does all the operational tracking in a business so that the professionals can look after other important things.


  • What is the meaning of audit fields?


In Salesforce, a single term can be used in various ways. In this case, audit files are basically nothing but the standard field.


  • What is an issue that the professionals in Salesforce face in the joint reports?


The challenging task that the professionals face during the joint reports is the issue of export.


  • Define defaulters in Salesforce.


The data filters is Salesforce is also known as the defaulters in Salesforce.


  • Mention the different types of relationship in Salesforce.


There are three types of relationship in Salesforce. They are lookup relationship, external lookup and master detail relationship.


  • In Salesforce, what do you understand by auto responder?


The method of sending automatic emails to the customers is known as auto responder.


  • What are the things that one can have on the customization page?


The on page customization have some of the elements which is quite necessary. They are page layout, Fields, Buttons, Custom Link and Related Lists.


  • Define escalation Salesforce.


Many a times, a quick solution is needed to solve the problems of the customers. When the professionals in Salesforce are not able to provide the solution, the issue is been escalated to the expert and gets solved in few seconds. This is known as escalation Salesforce.

So these are some of the Salesforce Interview Question and Answers that will help the candidate who wants to have a career in this field.

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