123movies and Use of VPN for Streaming

One of the best networks of file streaming websites is 123Movies. There are others also in the line like MeMovies, GoStream, and 123movieshub. This website operated in Vietnam. It permitted the users to watch the films on this networking site i.e. 123Movies for free of cost. In the year March 2018, 123Movies was declared as one of the popular illegal sites. A few weeks later it was shut down. Vietnamese authorities are doing a criminal investigation of the same. But if you see as of August 2021, the 123Movies sites are still active through the cloned sites. The site was shut down from different domains. 

About 123movies 

Apart from that, 123movies even had several name changes. Sometimes you will find the name as 123Movies and other times you will find the name 123movies. The original name of the site is 123movies.to. It also changed to other domains, which comprises 123movies.is. The name remained the same until shutdown. 123Movies comprises HD-RIP, HD, camera, and Blu-ray qualities of films. It included MyCloud, Streamango, and Openload, players, and video hosters. During the shutdown and existence period, TorrentFreak enclosed the site. It was regarding its skin, shutdown, and also the cause of the shutdown. 

The popularity of 123movies

You will notice one thing that 123Movies has been around for a while, & it had become very popular because of the people who love to do streaming of movies online. But for many people watching 123Movies is illegal, because the site itself is illegal. 123Movies is not allowed in many countries. Streaming 123Movies online is illegal. If you are perchance watching 123Movies then it mainly depends on your country’s or State’s resources like whether you will be prosecuted for watching 123Movies or not. Also, you need to find out whether you are watching copyrighted content. 

Other Streaming Sites 

It was in the year march 2018 that 123Movies was shut down. If you want to watch a 123Movies or a similar streaming site, then one of the best things that you can do is to watch a legit site that is similar to 123Movies. But again those legit sites will be paid ones. You can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus. If you want you can access 123Movies still as there are some sites that are giving access to it. But there will be certain T&C that will be given which you will have to agree and accept before proceeding further. 

Using a VPN 

Therefore, it is recommended that people, who still want to access the 123movies site, should use a VPN for watching 123Movies. There are a few reasons why people who use the 123Movies sites use a VPN. One of the reasons for the same is that to stay safe and anonymous people use a VPN when using 123movies. It is because a VPN conceals your IP address. So, this way it becomes difficult to trace the people whenever they are using illegal sites like 123movies or any other or as the case may be. Another reason why people use VPN is to unblock 123movies in the places where it is blocked. 

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