11 Must-Have Skills in Today’s Job Market

Looking for a new job? 

The competitive and evolving job market requires that you acquire a specific set of skills to stand out from the crowd of applicants.

Here are eleven of the skills that you should have to land your dream job:

Soft Skills

Soft skills are skills that you use in everyday life. You do not learn these through traditional courses, but through experience. 

1. Communication Skills

Verbal communication is the most popular form. No doubt, you talk to numerous people every day. How proficient are you in this skill?

Is your tone respectful and friendly? Do you use clear and concise language, leaving no room for others to question your message?

There is another form of communication that many don’t even consider. Nonverbal communication involves body language. 

Are you good at taking body language cues from others? Can you sense their emotions from their stance? Do you use body language that puts others at ease?

These are all instrumental skills that head hunters are looking for, especially since they are hard to teach.

Lastly, one more form of communication that will do you well in your job hunt is written communication. You are ahead of the game if you can put together a well-written professional email or a business report.

2. Emotional Intelligence

It’s no secret that stress affects everyone in unique ways. How you deal with your anxiety is what will set you apart. Your ability to keep your emotions in check is very desirable in the workforce. 

Another form of emotional intelligence is being able to show feelings. Having empathy for coworkers and understanding the client’s needs is a great skill that companies can use.

Would you like to know how you rate? Take this quick quiz, and you will.

3. Adaptability

In this ever-changing world, you need to be able to adapt quickly. The ability to adapt to different environments and working systems puts you high on the list for anyone looking to hire.

This ability shows that you are a fast learner and can survive any unexpected changes. 

4. Resilience

Companies want to hire someone who is in it for the long haul. They want someone who won’t give up when times get tough.

If you are resilient, you stick with a project to its completion. You also will have the ability to solve problems when they arise instead of shutting down.

5. Time Management

Those with good time management are efficient and productive. Employers can count on them to get their work done on time, if not early. They are seldom late and don’t believe in procrastination. 

Good time management skills also allow you to organize and delegate tasks to others to make timely improvements.

Technical Skills

Technical skills include hands-on skills that people can measure and prove through a system of tasks. 

6. Digital Marketing Skills

Digital marketing includes SEO, SEM, social media management, and marketing through content writing. These are all highly in-demand skills.

All of these skills can help you gain more value as an employee for a company looking to increase its online presence. 

7. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a complex technical skill that needs extra education if you have not completed these courses. Even so, this skill can earn you a very stable and high-paying job.

Learn more about cloud computing, check out EdX’s free course

8. Artificial Intelligence

Many companies use a form of artificial intelligence. AI can increase the efficiency of their production line while cutting human labor costs. 

If you are knowledgeable about this topic and machine learning, you will become a great asset to any team.

An engineering degree isn’t necessary to put this skill to good use, but you need a solid understanding of AI technologies.

Check out Forbes’ list of the ten best free artificial intelligence and machine learning courses that you can take.

9. UX Design

UX Design is all about making programs and machines that are easy and enjoyable for the user. Many individuals apply this concept to app development and website design. 

Another skill closely related to this is user interface design.

10. Project Management

Project management is:

  • The ability to create, organize, lead, and complete a project based on a specific time constraint. You achieve this by setting milestones, deliverables, and objectives.
  • It requires you to be able to see your company’s primary objective. You must identify all the smaller tasks that need to come together for the goal to come to fruition.
  • An immense amount of forethought, organization, leadership, and delegation skills are also needed.

With a project management certification under your belt, you’ll have a much better chance of landing a job. 

11. Programming

For decades now, computer programming has been and continues to be a very valuable skill. The only evolving aspect is the language used in programming.

There are still plenty of the original languages, but they have expanded. While HTML was a rarity, many professionals have a working knowledge of that language now. 

For example, Java and C++ used to be somewhat new, but we now have Swift and SQL. Python and Ruby are also contenders. 

It seems that for computer programmers to stay in the game, they must become multilingual, to say the least. 


These skills can help anyone to increase their chances of getting a job they love. Granted, you must decide which would be best to acquire based on your personal needs.

You may be trying to bulk up your skills in the career you already have, or you are looking to start a whole new job that’s in higher demand.

Whichever you choose, considering these skills above is a great place to start. 

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Adam Marshall

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