10 Big Mistakes Amazon Sellers Can’t Afford To Make

They say: “ Man is all about mistakes” but that is not the case here. When we talk about Amazon, we know that Amazon has a set of rules and policies that cannot be violated. Whether you are a first-timer or a pro, you are most likely to make blunders throughout your entire selling journey. Some of them might turn out as a mere hit at the curb, but others will make you lose a big sum of money or your business all in all. Keeping it brief, you can say there are some rules of Amazon that are unavoidable. 

Now, if you still don’t know what are those mistakes  & how you can save yourself from them then keep reading the article till the end because we are gonna cover the ‘10 Big Mistakes Amazon Sellers Can’t Afford To Make’ 

You might come across these irreversible situations many times. Therefore, this article will help you save the day!  

  1. Operating More Than One Seller’s Account:

I mean come on’ everyone knows that, there are certain rules you can’t violate. ‘One person one account’, it’s a straight-forward rule of Amazon. A big thanks to Unified Accounts( Amazon.com.Amazon.ca,etc.) you can operate over continents with the help of this. Therefore,if you have a diverse range of brands via unconnected set-up or if Amazon provides you the facility of operating additional accounts,then you really have  no big reason to have more than one account on Amazon. 

One more important reason to avoid making multiple accounts is that it opens you to a more tight investigation. So if you can’t handle two accounts or if your already existing Amazon seller account is performing badly, Amazon will take it down under ‘Seller Code Of Conduct’. Being greedy, and making more than one account might make you lose what you already have. Managing your account is not an easy task and requires expertise and experience, however, you can think of a profitable business through the right Amazon account management services. It can help you to manage your inventory and account effectively to drive huge sales.

   2. Expecting Customers to Reach You 

 If you are a first-timer on Amazon and dreaming of ‘having it all’ in the first go you are mistaken. It’s a time-taking and gradual process. So, if you are a newbie on Amazon and dreaming of having huge traffic as soon as you kickstart then you are presuming things, your race has just started. You need to understand the fact that Amazon has its own set of hidden algorithms and scales. All your business depends on sales, efficiency, management, quality, performance, and positive reviews.  

So, If you see your products on the 30th or 50th page don’t get upset. Hard work and consistency is the key to achieve desired results.

  3. Scamming Customers With Fake Brand Names

Don’t you ever do that! What you consider a shortcut today will bring a big tomorrow. Having said that, if you are already practicing this formula you need to stop right now!

Nowadays, some sellers are of the view that mentioning their local products under a prestigious brand name can lift their business game up. Without any brainstorming, they do minor effort by simply copy-pasting the product pictures and descriptions. This is practically stealing someone else’s work. Ultimately, the customer receives an entirely different thing. This can badly affect your reputation.

As we all know, the market is tough! If you want to beat your competitors and reach the top, focus on bringing more versatility to your products and never compromise on quality. Because low stars and bad reviews are a nightmare of an Amazon seller.

  4. Unable to Attract Buyers Interest

What’s the trend? As an Amazon seller, keep asking yourself this question!

It will eventually lead you to dig out what’s up to the minute and your task is to mold your business accordingly.

If you are still not convinced take this example: the world is rapidly shifting to android gadgets, mobiles, LED’s, etc. Do you think you can earn maximum by selling the vintage items people have been using for ages?   

If your answer is ‘no’ then you are on the right track. And if you are already aware of this then make sure your Amazon store has the right choice of products that are in demand. 

However, some sellers unknowingly make the mistake of filling their inventory with stuff that is rather, extra or just unnecessary. Sometimes, you have a unique inventory of various goods that are also yearned but still unable to hit the spot. It’s because there are times when customers get fascinated by exaggerated descriptions instead of checking up on the reliability. Still keeping an eye on the emerging trends is a useful formula.

   5. You Overlook Amazon PPC:

Just like Google has an advertising system, Amazon also has one called Pay-Per Click(PPC). It’s a  built-in advertising system in Amazon. Ofcourse, to avail this facility you are charged with extra cost, but paying a small amount and securing a fine opportunity isn’t a bad deal. Your product might be set in a visible position for the viewers to see. 

During the pandemic people have invested a lot in the Amazon PPC campaign. And guess what, it worked! 

But, starting from this year Amazon came up with a new ‘A-10 algorithm’ which does not prioritize sponsored ads,rather it goes for a keyword- ranking system.  


Confused? Both ideas can work in your favour if you understand this point: Amazon PPC campaigns are only worth-it when the margins are high and ‘Advertising Cost Of Sale’(ACOS) is low.
So, if you are somehow avoiding it till now , it’s your time to cover this mistake by following the pattern. By this, you can make your product one of the best that should be purchased right away!

   6. Using Pixelated Product Images

       Suppose you are watching a video and the video resolution is just ’ok’ or you are scrolling some high-quality pictures and suddenly you come across a pixelated picture, what do you do then? You might stop watching or scroll down. Same is the case here. People like to believe what they see. If you are already a skilled online marketing manager pat yourself on the back, you are doing great. 

 However, there are some sellers who are trying to make their place on the Amazon platform without putting an eye on their mistakes. The customers do not only rely on reliability and experience but also expect some good visuals to begin with. Sometimes, a product matches the requirement of the consumer, the description also manages to grab the attention of the customer but, pixelated product images become the game terminator. The customer has to reconsider his decision after seeing those blurry images or sometimes not even pay attention to these posts. 

   7. Not Caring About Customers’ Interests

Customers’ satisfaction is a ‘golden key’ of eCommerce business.   If you are selling items on Amazon but could not manage to attain customer satisfaction you’re still far away from your goal. Moreover, if your reviews & suggestion box is still empty, it’s your call! 

Try to revise your strategy and figure out where you are wrong? 

If you can sort this out then well and good and if you are looking for shortcuts then let me explain:  Amazon introduced the latest technology that detects scams and fake reviews and prefers organic reviews that are free from any tricky marketing strategies and bluffs.

   8. Running Out of Inventory

Enjoying a business hike as an Amazon seller is nothing less than a dream. It’s indeed an overwhelming feeling getting orders one after the other. Don’t let product shortage take away your success and happiness. Running out of stock can distract you under all conditions and has immense damage to your sales. If you are mentioning the products on the main page but could not figure out how to immediately provide these to the consumer then Amazon will ultimately cut your ranking considering you inactive and unreliable. 

If you don’t want this to happen, always stay prepared! 

   9. Messing Up Order Fulfillment

If you are already an Amazon seller you must know this feeling. And if you are a new fish in this giant lake then the problem you’ll come across often is providing consumers all the required stuff at once. Sometimes, As a seller, you might simply run out of stock or need some time to manage the shipment of the stuff. Or there is a possibility of your orders getting mixed-up due to a tiring schedule. All these factors are considered a bad omen between the seller and the consumer leading to misfortune.

At the end of the day, you are most likely to get unsatisfactory reviews and feedback.

   10. Putting A Blind Eye On Your Competitors:

It’s not at all new for the sellers to put up their products on Amazon without sparing a glance on their competitors. You can save yourself from making that mistake by doing ‘StoreFront’ research on Amazon. Furthermore, if you are selling products that aren’t any different from your rivals or under a ‘Private Label’ your competition is way more tough then you think.

So, do have prior knowledge about your competitors.

Bottom Line

Although the mistakes that are mentioned above seem troubling, don’t get upset!

Thankfully, all those mistakes can be eliminated and removed by proper awareness, right decision-making, and pouring a little focus on your marketing strategies.

Simply opt for Amazon’s mentality and then it’s all yours!


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